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Nadia's Birthday Photos {Sneak Peek}.

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Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Beyonce and I'm saving pictures of Blu Ivy, just waiting for the highest bidder.  But then I realize I'm not a famous rock star with a rap mogul for a husband.  And that while people probably don't hate seeing pictures of Nadia, they might not be waiting anxiously with bated breath.  Nevertheless I wanted to "save" some of my favorite and "book themed" pictures for her party but still share.  I'm so excited that Jordan of Captured nh was able to catch these fun and sweet glimpses of my "baby."  So, since probably no one cares but I can't help but share everyone's been begging for a sneak peek...

2 words: baby chub.
"Peek-a-boo!" said the perfectly coordinated almost 2 year old.
I wonder if Jordan thought I was ca-razy when I kept asking if she got a good "beauty shot."  What can I say? I'm a former model.  And yes. Yes she did.
The cut out on this dress: TO DIE FOR.  Like, I wish it came in grown up sizes because that's the one part of my body that looks like it did before children.  
Mama's little book lover.
Come here you!
And boring white cake with white icing because seriously, was I gonna ruin this adorable dress with bright pink frosting?  Um, no.  

Lastly, is it weird that she'll wear this dress for her party as well?  But then, who cares?!  I love it and she'll probably never wear it again!  

And if you want to cry over how much she's grown [Oh right-- that's only me] here are her birthday pictures from last year.  Why do they grow up so fast?! 

Do you take annual photos of your little one?! How do you document the milestones?

Photos: Captured nh.
Dress: Gap.  I looked awhile ago but never found photos of it online.
Necklace: Vintage from Antiques on Elm (remember it from this post?).
Glasses: Claire's (Claire's Club line) similar.
Headband: Target.
High Chair: Thrifted.

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