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Our Family Woes, I mean Photos.

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We recently had our family photos done by the amazing Simply Mella.  At this point, it feels like a tradition that can't be broken.  Not that I want to break it...It's just this year was tough.  And I was SO tempted to skip it.  Genevieve has been being much more cooperative with photos but is currently in a naughty phase and Nadia...oh Nadia.  She's starting to turn a corner.  I can see it.  But for now...she's 2.  She's busy.  She's fiesty.  She's high energy.  But despite all that there's one constant: She's smiley.  Like always.  Except for that day.  Let's just say she was how old is too old to reveal digestive issues? uncomfortable.  In addition, the girls had a very busy day beforehand (definitely not wise on our part) going to a birthday party and a church function and crashing late.  So all that to say, this wasn't our best "shoot" ever and I was genuinely embarrassed at their lack of cooperation.

I have to admit, this makes me laugh!
After some of the photos went on Facebook, people were all "oh you can't even tell" or "they're amazing." but I can't figure out if they are lying to make me feel better or if it's just me being critical.  To clarify, I'm totally cool with the non posed au natural shot but I usually just want ONE of everyone looking happy.  They don't even have to be looking at the camera (Genevieve isn't even looking in my absolute favorite shot from last year); they just need to appear that they're enjoying themselves! At the end of the day I've come to the conclusion that regardless of what my "ideal" was, these pictures are a representation of a moment in time.  Melanie captured the girls on that day.  And on that day, they might not have been all smiley.  But they were still beautiful.  They were still them.  I'm totally blessed to know such amazing photographers and to be able to afford to have our photos taken every year.  And really, there are some beautiful images I'm in love with (Thank you Melanie!).  Oh and as a side I came across this blog post recently which has great advice for preparing for family photos, so check it out!

Joe always remembers to ask for one of just us.  When we got home and I thanked him for remembering, he said "well we know we can look and smile."
It may not be a family shot but this one is my favorite of the day. I mean, if it was all for this shot, I'd take it! 

There were other great ones that I'll save for our Christmas card, but you get the idea! Melanie is pretty great!  Visit her site here or her Facebook page here.  And if you're interested, here are the posts of our family photos from 2011 and 2012.

Last year I listed wardrobe but although I bought all new clothes and wrote a blog post about planning your wardrobe for family photos, including currently available options (yes, it crashed with the rest of my computer) we mostly ended up wearing clothing we've had forever. But here are a few items:
The girls' bow boots: Gap
Genevieve's dress: I got it from Hartstrings (no longer in stock) but it's available in limited sizes on Amazon and here.
Genevieve's denim jacket: Gap
My coral tunic sweater: H&M
Genevieve's skinnies: JC Penney (wrote all about them here!)

Do you get annual photos taken?  Is it stressful? Fun?  Do you buy all new clothes and then wear a shirt you've had for 7 years?  No, it's just me? 

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  1. Great post. I genuinely love your photos and wasn't lying to make you feel better. I also do prefer natural images though. And the fact that Joe asked for one just the two of you is ADORABLE! Love that. The last photo is pure perfection and Nadia will treasure it for years to come, I bet. Mama-you look beautiful! So beautiful and your kids do too, even if they weren't exactly how you wanted. Love this!

    1. ha! I was a tiny bit kidding about the lying! Thank you so much! Despite everything there are definitely keepers! I for sure see the beauty of the "lifestyle" type portraits you did this year! It's nice to just capture the kids in their own element...not as forced!

  2. these are adorable! I think you'll look back on these photos years down the road and appreciate a snapshot of life just how it was at that time! I love the last one too!