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Our Gender Reveal Party.

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I mentioned our surprise gender reveal party in my last post.  I'd always planned to do a party- partly because I wanted a boy so badly that I figured I should give myself a reason to celebrate either gender- but especially a girl.  Also since I am 99.9% sure this will be our last baby I'm really trying to do the opposite of what I feel like doing.  I feel like doing nothing.  I'm busy and exhausted--ya' know--actually making the baby, but also because of the cancer drama.  But I don't want to look back and regret not doing any of the fun or special things I want to do or have done with the girls just because of an extremely temporary situation. Well the exhaustion won't be temporary, I'm sure, but the rest will be. Anyway, while I often sort of felt like gender reveal parties are a bit much (like does everything need to be a party?), I jumped on that bandwagon and was so glad I did!

So here are some photos from the fun event.  Oh and I should say that I planned this within a week and spent maybe $30 so it's not a big deal type of party.  Just to set your expectations.  I was pretty proud of myself for having pizza and ordering cupcakes instead of making them. As a side I've been chatting with my friend Jessica about toning down parties for so many reason- focusing on what your'e really celebrating, saving yourself stress, and saving cash being a few of them. It's so nice to have party planning friends who "gets" the desire, the fun, and fulfilling part of throwing a rad bash, but also live in the real world where during various phases of life it makes sense to scale back.  (So thankful for you Jessica!).  Ok- so getting to the point!

With some input from you all (via query on the Taste{Full} Facebook page) and my creative friend Megan (she made the printables), I decided on a "Little Miss or Little Mister" theme complete with bows and mustaches.  
aqua and red gender reveal
I love the printables Megan created! I almost nixed the voting but that turned out to be SO fun.  I'm glad Megan told me I have to do it (and took the extra time to make the ballots).
aqua and red gender reveal
Jordan threw together the cute chalkboard at the last minute and it was perfect! 
aqua and red gender reveal
Probably the most time consuming parts of the party were the cupcake toppers and the pins.  But everything else was store bought or contributed by friends so it was really the only effort I put in.
aqua and red gender reveal
I had guests wear the appropriate pin once they voted.  
red and aqua gender reveal
I made the ballot box with a shoe box and cute mustache wrapping paper found at Hobby Lobby.
aqua and red gender reveal

aqua and red gender reveal
The pretty cupcakes were donated by a friend who owns Three Cupcakes Boutique.  So yummy and way prettier than mine would have been.  

The Reveal!

The Results:
(Notice the girls' expressions).

The Reaction:
Poor Genevieve! She wanted a sister!
Everyone else was pretty thrilled though.  And after a brief cry later that night, Genevieve was excited at the thought of a baby brother.  

Party People!  

Special thanks to Megan Ayers for designing the pretty printables, Holly Vordenberg of Three Cupcakes Boutique for the pretty and delicious cupcakes, and Jordan Smelser who made it all possible!  Love you ladies!

Most of the other decorative items (black and white fabric, mustache wrapping paper, felt for pins, etc) were from Hobby Lobby.

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  1. LOL Seeing the reaction build up was even better. This story will be a classic one day.:)

    1. I love that you can see her sort of "Getting" it and then her little break down! Poor baby! Thanks for reading Bec!