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Super Easy $6 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift.

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DIY Succulent in a Mug for Mother's Day
Today I'm sharing an adorable easy and inexpensive last minute mother's day gift.  When Genevieve saw them, she said "Those are pretty mom!"  ha. So cute!  I needed a handful of thank yous for the wonderful ladies who cleaned my home.  I wanted something affordable and thoughtful. As I was putting together these succulents in a mug, I realized they'd make a perfect mother's day gift. It literally took 5 minutes and cost $6/pc.  These would also be great to make with a child for his/her mom. Want a tutorial? Ok here it is:

Succulent in a mug as a mother's day gift

Buy succulent. 
Buy mug.
Put succulent in mug.
Add ribbon.
You're welcome :)
ha for real though, you may need to add a bit of potting soil depending on the size of your mug. However, it wasn't necessary for me.

DIY Succulent in a mug for $6

And one more photo for your pinning pleasure (hint, hint):
Quick and easy mother's day gift succulent in a mug

(I purchased all items in store at wal-mart but here are online sources for your convenience).
white mug (similar)
chevron ribbon
succulent or here

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