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A Peek at the Party

2:57 PM

I really wanted to write a post about moving that would make me cry (and perhaps you too!).  But I'm really trying to ward off the sentimentality until I'm officially out of New Hampshire.  So instead here are a few pictures of Dax and Nadia's Camping themed pre-birthday bash--more to come later!

This is the first time I didn't make the smash cake- hashtag life with three. But the fact that he's not really 1 makes me feel better- I'll be making his smash cake and doing a cake session soon.

Swedish fish + gummy worms.  I loved these labels! My talented sister in law is at it again.

My happy camper got into his first taste of cake.

This almost 4 year old was sun kissed.  Perfect. 

Stay tuned for more! The next time you hear from me, I'll be coming at you from North Carolina! Eek!

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