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We Did It!

9:00 AM

That's what Joe said to me on our very first night in our apartment in Raleigh. It was late, we were exhausted, but we did it.  We're in Raleigh.

went really well.  We learned from our first road trip and made sure to pack the van the night before, leave early, and give the girls Dramamine and limit screen time to avoid car sickness. That combined with not having to nurse every 3 hours made the trip quicker and easier.  All of the kids did great.

When we arrived, our stuff was already here which was tough to deal with after 2 days on the road. That made for a long and overwhelming day.  We needed to quickly determine what we'd need in the apartment and what we could put into storage all while managing tired kiddos.  Speaking of the apartment, I sort of forgot about apartment life. I only lived in an apartment/condo for 2 years before buying a house.  Smelling other people's fried food, trying to find parking when getting in late, and trekking up 3 flights of stairs with bags and a heavy baby isn't the most fun.  However, the apartment itself is fine and spacious, the pool isn't crowded and is deliciously warm (LOVE that), and the location is perfect.  These 5 months will fly by and then we'll be in our new HOME!

Speaking of our new home, I can't wait for that part.  We moved from our old house to Joe's parents', to this apartment. Finally living at "home," and being settled will feel good.  We had our "color appointment" last week and it was fun. I stressed myself out over making the right choices but at the end of the day it was fun to have choices at all and to play around with combinations.  We won't be able to fully decorate and furnish it right away but even empty it will be so lovely (do me a favor and remind me of that when we've been there for a few months and I'm getting antsy)! All in all, I'm really grateful. I don't know if it is our "forever home" but I really think we'll love it.

are doing well.  They have made comments here and there about missing their cousins and wishing "someone we knew lived here," but overall they haven't missed a beat.  Genevieve has been struggling with fear big time (this started prior to the move) so the first couple of nights in the apartment were hard on her.  I think school will be tough but she's so ready to make friends that I think she'll do well.  She met some girls at the pool and invited one to her birthday party.  Oh boy. that one made me a little sad! I might just spoil her with a special birthday present this year.

As for how I'm feeling, it's gradually sinking in.  I think it's a clever defense mechanism that I process things slowly and compartmentalize when convenient.  I honestly don't fully know what I'm in for and I think that's a good thing.  I already miss home. Today the high was a perfect 80 in New Hampshire and it was 92 here.  I love the heat but as we sat outside eating lunch I must have asked Joe 10 times to check the weather because I was so hot and hoping that it was at least 95. ha!  I'm hoping longer summers in general make up for it. While I miss my friends, the way I articulate it is "once I start seeing life go on without me, I'll be much sadder."  When holidays, and parties, and church gatherings start popping up on social media I know I'll have that sad homesick feeling. For now it sort of feels like vacation and the finite factor hasn't set in.

Currently we are trying to get settled and playing catch up. Genevieve starts school in a week and we're not ready!  I'm so glad we get a few weeks after that before Nadia starts.  I need to find a pediatrician and a bank and all those things.
never go school supply shopping with a 5, 3, and 11 month old.  Just Don't.
took this week off so that we can get settled and do a few fun things with the kids so we're trying to wrap some things up while he's home.  Thinking about him going to work next week, I feel a little like I do when he's on paternity leave...You know how you're like "Wait, you're going back to work and you're going to leave me with this baby?!" I feel that way except it's "You're going to leave me in North Carolina?!" I'm glad Genevieve starts school soon and that we'll get into a routine.  I really think that will help us feel more rooted.

So that's the update for those who have asked.  I'll keep you posted! I can't wait to share some home decor posts as we begin to plan out our new space.  In the meantime there might be a few more personal posts since I'm not in a party/DIY sort of place right now.  I hope you hang around for the journey!

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