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5 Affordable Gray Couches I Love

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affordable gray couch
Shopping for couches, or sofas, wait, do you say sofa or couch?  It's like FoyER or FoyYAY.  I'm never really sure which is correct.  Anyway, shopping for a gray couch was not as fun as I thought it would be.  It's sort of like naming a baby.  Totally fun in theory but living with your choice makes it scary. I literally lost sleep over it.  Of course you are probably more normal than I am, but still.  Shopping for a budget friendly gray sofa was even tougher.  Here are 5 sofas I came across that I very strongly considered-- meaning each made it's way into my cart numerous times. Since the styles vary greatly, there's something for everyone.
Also "affordable" is so relative isn't it? Half the time I think I'm the most frugal person alive and then other times I say a number aloud and am met with blank stares.  Most of these are under $1000.  That seems like a sweet spot between affordability and quality.  Our last sofa was about $800 and aside from stains, it's lasted for over 10 years, 1/2 of those with kids.
Affordable gray Couch

From left to right: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
I love all of these for various reasons.  We got this close to purchasing this one.  It's comfortable and the most affordable of the bunch. I loved its velvety textured fabric. And if I'm being real, we probably should have grabbed this one with three little jelly faced, snotty nosed, sticky fingered kids running around. Oops.
Gray Sofa

I loved this modern gray couch so so much. It totally speaks to my mod side and those legs.  LOVE. I also couldn't believe its low price. You should know it's out of stock at that price but comes in and out so sign up for a notification. Or you can purchase now at a higher price here.
affordable modern gray couch

This sectional is so much cooler in person.  It's lighter in color and looks "cleaner," than pictured here with the ugly slightly unattractive throw pillows. I love it in A Well Styled Life's Home. Actually she's the reason I went back to Ashley Furniture to check it out in person after walking past it the first time.
affordable gray couch

Oh the chesterfield.  We ended up with the Chesterfield I discussed here but I loved this one too. The one we purchased was through a friend at an amazing discount so I couldn't pass it up. Speaking of price this one is technically over $1000 but I've seen it numerous times in the past 3 months on Joss and Main for less- In fact it's there right now in beige. So I'm including it. ;)
affordable gray chesterfield sofa

Lastly there was something about this super traditional sofa that I loved. It's also very long. I should mention all of these are fairly long- that was a requirement of mine. Joe and I are 6 ft. tall so something deeper and longer than our current couch was a must. The thing that kept me from clicking "buy" was the color. I couldn't tell if it was brown or gray. But the reviews made me want to give it a shot. I ordered a swatch but it never came. Nevertheless including it because it's gorgeous, affordable, and gray-ish. ;)
affordable gray couch

see how gray it looks in this shot?
affordable gray couch

Those were my top runners. If you have any others to add, I'd love to hear.  Even though we found one we love I'm still obsessed. (Again, it's like naming a baby!). 

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