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Gallery Wall Do's and Don'ts plus Our Most Recent Gallery Wall

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Now that I've put together a handful of gallery walls, I'm ready to share some tips. Though I'm no expert, there are a few do's and don'ts I've learned along the way.

Don't: Use objects that are too small

Oftentimes a gallery wall looks "off," because the items on it are too small. Price can play a factor here. Gallery walls can be expensive. We are livin la vida broka (sorry couldn't resist!) so I never go out and buy 20 pieces of art at once. I discussed picking up an object here and there when I shared Genevieve's gallery wall. Of course this method takes patience, but it's worth it to have a wall you're happy with!

Do: Use large scale photography and inexpensive printables in larger frames to fill out your wall. Buy frames with coupons at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

Don't: Place objects too far apart.

One thing that I've noticed that makes a gallery wall pop is placing items fairly close together on the wall. Placing items far apart might work but it doesn't look as cohesive and evoke that "gallery" feeling.

Do: Make sure you have enough items for to fill your wall (see Do #1) and group items close together.

Don't: Wing it.

Do: I admit this works sometimes! But typically I regret it when I don't plan. I've used two methods to plan my walls. I usually arrange the items on the floor first for both methods. Then I trace the items onto kraft paper, cut them out, and user painter's tape to attach them to the wall- that way I can arrange them if necessary. The paper templates eliminate the element of surprise when the objects are on the wall and look different than they did on the floor. Another way I plan is to use wrapping paper cut to the size I want the gallery wall and then I trace the items onto the paper (you can see a photo here). This way is quicker since you're not cutting out all of the art/objects individually. I then tape that to the wall and go from there. It's harder to adjust the arrangement but it still works.

Don't: Be afraid to keep it simple.

Do: Use like items to make an attractive cohesive wall without the headache of lots of art and "found objects." I read an article on Domino that encouraged readers to use white matted frames for a clean look. I plan to use that perfect advice on a gallery wall in our Loft. While I love the look of many types of art, photography, objects, and sculptures, I really enjoy the simplicity of like items. Bonus: this is one of the most affordable ways to create a wall. Another option is to buy one of those packs of "gallery wall prints" at craft stores. Easy, fast, and cheap! ;)

Don't: Be afraid to break the rules.

Do: Do you. ha! I'm a big believer in keeping it real (ahem- pretty real)- Don't get me wrong, I'm a total rule follower but what I mean is that if you love your wall full of small photos then by all means, ignore "don't #1" These "rules" are for people who want to create a wall but don't know where to start. In the end, your home is a reflection of you so if you love what you've done, forget the rules

What "rules" did I miss? I see a few more walls in our future and would love to pick up some new tips and tricks! Do tell!

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  1. Good suggestions! Just starting a family photo gallery wall...pretty overwhelming. Where did you get your “together is a great place to be” picture?