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Making the Living Room Look Like We Live Here

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corner fireplace in the living room
That's not a great title for SEO, but hey, it perfectly describes my goal. This could also be titled "Never buy a home with a corner fireplace in an open concept layout." Between its weird layout (total open concept, a corner fireplace, a pass-through, and a large window) and figuring out my style (hint: it's not farmhouse), the living room has changed many times! I'm challenging myself to let it breathe and not buy any major furniture pieces for a while. But the blank wall I shared over on Instagram bugs me like crazy. The mantel felt so empty after Christmas and the whole scene lacks personality in a major way. Here's how I plan to give it some personality: 

Corner fireplace in the living room
-Add Art- this is such an obvious way to give a space some character but I have always shied away from it! It feels like such an investment and so permanent. I love the thought of waiting until I have my style down pat and am more confident in my choices before investing in statement pieces.

-Add decorative items to the mantel. Until I can get the TV that looks like art, a few small objects will have to do. While I'd prefer "found" objects, after countless trips to the thrift store and flea market, I'm going the target route!

-Swap the throw pillows for one with more contrast.

-Replace the lampshade (my super cool vintage lamp not pictured)

-Add a side table (Possibly thrifted? Probably from Target 😆)

Super Affordable Mockup

All of the below are super affordable! I already have the vases, a basket, the art (only $6.50!), a vintage lamp, the chair, the rug (on sale!), and a white pot. I used similar pieces to get a feel for how they work together. Here's the mockup I created to help me make decisions (affiliate links included):
Corner Fireplace in the living room
Vase  |  Faux Eucalyptus  |  Half Moon Vase  |  Basket  |  White pot  |  Rug  |  Chair  |  Pillow  |  Lamp
Art I   |  Art II

My fireplace has a big TV over it so it doesn't look this clean in real life. But otherwise, this should be true to life. I'm determined to order frames tonight (should I get these or these?!) and unfortunately, I have to replace the lampshade on my vintage lamp. But once I do that and snag a pillow I will report back! 
large chesterfield sofa in a mid-century modern living room

The other side of the living room looks like this (at least it did in the fall. It's changed now. haha), so it's sort of my past on one side and my future on the other. ha. Even so, I'm ok with it. These things take time for most of us, so I'm attempting to enjoy the process.

Shop the Look here (affiliate links):

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