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Patio Plans!

10:24 AM

Modern budget-friendly patio mood board
If you follow on Instagram, you know I've been obsessing over the patio for like ever. I missed posting last week (we were at the beach! yay!) and will probably miss next week (we'll be on our first kid-free-out-of-the-country vacation to celebrate 15 YEARS of marriage) so I wanted to pop in and share our patio plans now that it's starting to get real! Keep reading for budget-friendly patio inspo!
We had the cement poured last week and went from a 10x10 slab to a 12 1/2 by 26-foot slab. That gives us enough room for seating/lounging and eating. There's so much more we'll add- a pergola, a trellis wall, lots of plants and accessories...but it might not happen this year. Slow and steady is the way we roll. 

a 10 x 10 cement slab patio in a basic builder home
As you can see, there's a lot to do to create a modern outdoor oasis (I use that term loosely since there a million homes in our neighborhood and a million plastic trucks in the backyard). We plan to replace the screen door and the light (I grabbed this one during the Way Day sale) and eventually, add DIY shutters. But we're starting with the basics- somewhere to eat and somewhere to sit. ;) Here's what I have planned but it's subject to change until everything is assembled and out there, being ruined by my kids. ha.


modern patio dining area mood board
Table  |  Black Chairs  |  Bistro Chairs  |  Umbrella  |  Rug


Modern outdoor lounge patio mood board
White Side Table  |  Left Pillow  |  Macrame Pillow  |  Sofa  |  Gray Side Table  |  Coffee Table  |  Strap Chairs  |  Fiber Clay stool  |  Rug  |  Pouf option (the one pictured is discontinued)

Most of this is in our garage- although I have this side table instead of the white one on the left (thinking about swapping). We also will probably get a fire pit instead of the coffee table. And the pouf is AMAZING but sold out- I was searching for one similar to the Marshall's clearance one I snagged for $20 just to add to the mock-up. Also, not surprisingly, I have a few pillows to choose from, hanging out in the garage. I snagged the World Market stuff during the sale- really most of this was purchased during a sale so if you're trying to stay within a modest budget, definitely pay attention to all the emails and sale alerts! Now is the time of year to snag inexpensive outdoor furniture!!

Here's a look at how it all works together: 

Modern, budget-friendly patio mood board

I would have loved a wood table which would have tied it together better but I'm already pushing my luck with a wooden (and white!) sofa. So for the table, I opted for durability over good looks. Perhaps eventually we'll be able to buy teak (which apparently is the only thing that can withstand the sun, heat, and rain of an uncovered patio in the south for longer than a year or two!), but for now, the budget wouldn't allow. So, that's the plan. I hope to get the swing set painted and the pergola built by the fall, but we'll see!

Here's another look with sources below. 
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inexpensive and modern outdoor patio mood board

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