Our Patio Makeover Part II - Pretty Real

Our Patio Makeover Part II

8:29 PM

As promised, I'm back to share the other part of our patio makeover! I shared all the background about taking a 10x10 concrete slab and turning it into a pretty patio, here, so make sure to check that out if you're interested! One thing I didn't cover in that post was the reason we decided to have cement poured. Our first choice would have been tile or a floating deck and while either would be amazing, it wasn't in the budget. We also debated a screened porch but I already feel like our home looks a bit boxy and didn't want to add a "little box" onto the back of it. Plus it would affect lighting inside the house. If you can avoid giving up natural light, choose that option.
When researching affordable alternatives, I saw options like stamped concrete or pavers, and while those might be appealing, I figured if I'm not going to do something extra special (like tile!), I'd rather just save the cash and go the simple route. I planned to use an area rug anyway, so that worked for us. There are so many stylish outdoor area rugs these days and they can really elevate a simple concrete patio.

I will admit, I started with the lounging area because it's my favorite ;) But I can't be too mad about going from this...

to this...

Rug  |  Similar Table  |  Vase  |  Faux Stem option 1 or 2  |  Terra Cotta Pots  |  Runner  |  Pillows

I really wanted a wood table but I've found that unless it's teak ($$$), it just can't withstand all the sun, heat, and rain we get in this area.  Someone even sent me a photo of their acacia table after a couple of seasons here in North Carolina and it looked rough. So practicality won (for once. haha). Next year, I may swap the chairs, or add a wood bench to get my wood fix.

Fire Pit  |  Table/similar  |  Bistro Chair / similar (or these or these) |  Umbrella  |  Cafe Lights

I was asked about how much sun we get in our back yard over on Instagram. We opted not to get a covering for this area because I didn't want to limit the amount of light we get inside the house, plus the patio is shaded by about 2-3 pm. We use an umbrella over the table most of the time, so that helps. I originally had a black and white striped one (remember this Instagram) but it competed with the cute bistro chairs, so I swapped it for a light one. That little change made a huge difference and helped tie the two areas in a bit better too!
Bistro Chairs/similar   |  Runner  |  Vase  |  Rug  |  Fringe Pillows  

There aren't a lot of "details" over on this side to share, but here are a few:
Terra Cotta Pot  |  Mini Terra Cotta Pot  |  White Pot (taller version)

Table Runner (just $12.99!)  |  Vase  |  Faux Stem options (these or these)

Before and After
And here are some before and after shots for you!

What's left?

Here's our to-do list for the future (starting this fall but will probably take a few seasons):

- Replace the ugly screen door (soon!)
- Paint the exterior door (fall?)
- Build a trellis type wall on one side of the pergola (or both?)
- Add window boxes and plants
- Paint the swingset (I started but it's SO hot!)
- Build a roof for the swingset
- Mulch/edge around the swingset
- Up our landscaping game
- Buy or DIY Shutters for the windows

Phew, that's a long list. Here are some other patio related posts:

I'll be back with tips on building a modern pergola! 

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  1. Wonderful job! Very pretty and inviting, I think wisteria or clematis would look amazing, any vine type of flowers would be. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll do something like this in the next year I hope

  2. Tiffany, your patio is great inspiration. Thank you for posting.

  3. Such small touches can add so much charm...beautiful makeover!