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Nadia's LOL Dolls Birthday Party was So Cute!

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Snacks and favors at an LOL Doll Birthday Party

Nadia is 8! What?! Just in case you missed it, I went through ALL her party themes in my stories this month and it was such a fun walk down memory lane! It's saved in my highlights; I'll wait if you want to go check it out. ;) This year, we were back on the character train (not my favorite but hey, it's her birthday not mine) and I have to say- if it has to be a character, at least it's a cute one. These dolls are adorable and my girls are obsessed with them. When she asked for an LOL Dolls Birthday Party, I knew the challenge would be not buying all the things. I think I did ok! I found the sweet spot of simple character-less items with a few fun LOL Doll faces peppered in. Here are all the LOL party ideas and details and where you can find everything I used!

LOL Doll Pinata used as party decor
LOL Doll party pinata  |  Mint Cake Stand (similar)  | Black Pom (similar)

I kept the dessert table pretty simple. I'd planned to spell out L-O-L with 16" gold foil balloons but when they arrived, they were much smaller than I thought. I improvised by putting the LOL doll party pinata on the table as decor. I can't believe I haven't done that before! It was a great way to insert the character into the party.

LOL Doll Party Cup Favors filled with LOL Doll pencils, lip gloss, nail polish, and snap bracelets

LOL Doll Party Favor Cups full of fun items

I have a bit of a formula now- I reuse poms for decor, purchase wrapping paper to use as a table runner and/or as "labels" on water bottles, and alternate between a few snacks + drinks on the dessert table OR a few snacks + favors. It keeps it simple but still cute! Other than the cute and bright nail polish, I got the favors from Wal-Mart. Of all the LOL stuff at Target and Party City, I preferred the Wal-Mart designs and prices (not sponsored. haha). But if you're looking to shop online, click the link for LOL Doll party supplies at Target, Party City, and Amazon!

LOL Doll Birthday Party Ideas - easy and affordable!

LOL Doll Birthday Party Ideas - easy and affordable!

This might be the most basic my snack offering has ever been and I'm quite proud of it. I used to provide full candy and treat buffets at every party. So. much. sugar. This time it was candy straws, wafer cookies, popcorn, and of course cake. Still plenty of sugar, but an improvement for sure.
LOL Doll Birthday Cake
I wasn't pleased with the cake. It was supposed to be a drip cake which Publix has done beautifully in the past (check that one out here). It was also supposed to have pastel sprinkles.  I'm not sure what happened here but I didn't have time to have it fixed. In any case, Nadia liked it and arranged all the fun stuff on top which was cute! I got all of the candy from Party City and the glittery 8 from Hobby Lobby.
Fringe Banners

DIY fringe banner

DIY Fringe banner

DIY Fringe Banner

Can we just talk about this fringe banner/backdrop? I seriously love it! If you watched my story, you know I was like "uh what did I get myself into?" during this DIY. But then I got the hang of it, it moved much quicker, and looked so fun and pretty that I was disappointed in myself for doubting the process. haha. If you're curious about how I made it, check out the story. Maybe I should do a blog post also?
LOL Doll Birthday Party Ideas - easy and affordable!

LOL Doll Birthday Party Ideas - easy and affordable!

Easy LOL Doll Birthday Party Ideas


Activity at an LOL Dolls birthday party

activity at an LOL Dolls birthday party

activity for an LOL Dolls birthday party
This activity turned out so much better than I thought it would go! I'd planned to have the girls decorate LOL dolls by printing out some online coloring pages. When our printer broke at the last minute, I used coloring books and ripped out pictures of LOL dolls for the girls to decorate. I provided glitter glue, bows, crayons, poms, sequins, and a few other craft items. They loved it! I only regret not photographing them all in a row on the counter! They were so cute and creative! 
Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas
We also destroyed the pinata and played outside. Fun was had by all! ;) 

Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas

Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas

Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas

Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas

Easy LOL Dolls Birthday Party Ideas
  Happy birthday Nadia Sophie! You light up our world!

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