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'Flawless Skin' with Olay Retinol24

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Olay Retinol24 Review
Here's the back story on the title of this post. A couple of weeks after I began using Olay Retinol24, my dental hygienist declared "What fountain of youth are you drinking from?!" Followed by calling my skin "flawless." I grabbed her, hugged her, and gave her some cash. Ok, not really. But I was 100% naked faced and was so honored to receive that compliment! When I shared this story on Instagram, I got a couple of messages to the effect of 'you've always had great skin.' Ok, maybe, but I also always see the same hygienist and that's the first time she's ever complimented my skin. So maybe it is the Retinol benefits. Speaking of Retinol benefits, here's a little about them and a little about this new product from Olay:

Olay Retinol24

Retinol is proven to give smoother, brighter skin in as little as 24 hours. It's hydrating (something that's so important as we age), and overall, I just feel more fresh-faced while using it. Which says a lot because mama. is. tired. In fact, I think that's what the hygienist was noticing- a brighter complexion overall. I mean, the word "glowing" was thrown around. ;)

You can find a plethora of products out there boasting this ingredient, but the great thing about Olay Retinol24 is its proprietary formula which is moisturizing and results in virtually no irritation.  Apparently, Retinol is a difficult ingredient to formulate but Olay's formula hydrates better than the #1 best-selling retinol. It's also affordable and works fast! I'm not quick to try new skincare products but I trust the Olay brand and was willing to give this one a go. (And as a reminder I only work with brands I trust, already love, or am curious about and think that you might be too!).
Olay Retinol24

I also like that there are 3 different types of products so you can incorporate them into your routine how you see fit. It's not a regimen (can I get an amen) which is a pro for me. I am just not great at multi-step routines. I did try all of the products and ended up really liking the Olay Retinol eye cream. The eye cream is quick and easy to apply and helped with my dark circles- even after late nights. Now I simply wash my face as I always have, and then apply the serum and then the eye cream.
Olay Retinol24

As for side effects, Retinol doesn't have to irritate your skin to work. 96% of users experienced no irritation. About a year ago I developed some skin sensitivity- just one patch of skin that will sometimes itch. After using the lotion and serum for a couple of days, I noticed that the itch got worse. After that, I simply used one of the two products and avoided that little patch of skin. I'm guessing since that area was already sensitive and I was using more than one product, my skin reacted. I haven't had a problem since making that small change (but should probably get to the bottom of what's causing that itch!).

Olay Retinol24

All in all, I am seeing enough results to keep using Olay Retinol eye cream along with the Olay Retinol24 night cream. It's easy enough to incorporate and affordable which are two big selling points for me! With no irritation and bright and glowing skin, why would I stop? ;)

Olay Retinol24

Have you tried Retinol? What was your experience? Do you have any questions about it? You can visit this page for more information and to determine if it's something you'd like to try!

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