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The Easy Way to Hang Your Halloween Decor and a Look at Ours!

12:28 PM

Thank you Command Brand for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are mine.

Ever since I DIY’d this art ledge I’ve been looking forward to swapping out the art for seasonal prints. Halloween is the perfect time to change it up and surprise my kids who are always begging for more Halloween decor! When Command Brand approached me to share their Command Adjustable Clips and Hooks, I knew this product would be perfect for what I had in mind. This inexpensive and quick Halloween decor makes a big impact. If you don't have an art ledge, a gallery wall would be fun too. You could even hang framed prints with Command Picture Hanging Strips! Here's what you need:


Command Adjustable Repositionable Hooks

Command Adjustable Repositionable Clips

Garland(s) of choice: I used this onethis one, and this one (similar) 

Art of choice. I'll link the prints I used, below

Tiffany's Tip: To keep this project quick, use art that you can instantly download. I printed mine at a local pharmacy that has in-store pick up in an hour. 


Decide where you want your prints first since the garland will hang around and on them.

Once your prints are in place, loosely decide where you want your garland. This is what makes the Command Adjustable Products so helpful- you can play around with placement since you can reposition the hooks up to 3 times within the first 20 minutes to get it just right. 

bird print  |  sweater weather  |  plaid  |  black cat  |  Boo  |  pumpkin

Follow the directions on the back of the package to a tee- I've been using Command products for years and it's important to use them correctly. If you do, you'll love them! Make sure you follow the weight guidelines on them as well as the guidelines for appropriate surfaces.

The one thing I could have done differently was to adhere the hooks to the adhesive all at one time vs. doing one and then hanging part of the garland and then doing another. 20 minutes is plenty of time but it felt like I was wasting some of it. I had a few strands of garland to work with so next time I will adhere them all at once (in this case I knew I'd need at least 6) and then I could just grab them and stick!

Another thing to note, you don't have to face them all in the same direction. I placed one inside of the ledge and another on the side. I put one underneath the ledge to give the garland an asymmetrical look. 

That's it! So easy right?! I would've loved these when I was throwing all the kids' birthday parties! They are perfect for not only lightweight seasonal decor but also string lights, banners, and garland. Would you try this project? If you do, tag me on Instagram! I'd love to see it!

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