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My Favorite Fall Finds and Thoughts on Sustainable Seasonal Decorating

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I have mixed feelings about seasonal decorating. I don't like clutter, and I don't love the thought of buying new things that I can only use for a small part of the year. But I also love the coziness of adding layers for fall and it kind of feels like a lead up to the most wonderful time of year- little celebrations each month that lead to the main event. Plus it's also just fun. Of course it's fun. Each year it seems I come to a point where I embrace it, but I've learned a few things that make seasonable decorating feel more practical and attainable. Here they are-

Sources from image above:

Sofa  |  Throw Blanket  |  Kilim Pillow (similar)  |  Large Vase  |  Faux Stems  |  Chunky Bead Garland  |  Habitat Book  |  Abode Book

Take Inventory

I always spend less or avoid redundant purchases if I look through my stash prior to buying new seasonal items.  

Keep it focused on textures and layers

Rather than use lots of pumpkins and orange will feels very October-ish, I aim for cozy layers and warm tones that can really work all winter.

Use consumable decor

Filling a bowl with apples or pinecones, using real pumpkins instead of faux, and burning candles are all fun and pretty ways to decorate for fall without adding stuff to your storage situation.  

Throw Blanket  |  Woven Basket Tray |  Vase was thrifted  |  Faux Floral (this is one stem!)  |  Candle

Use items that will transition to Christmas decor

like trays where you can simply add different items atop them, vases that can hold winter florals, and cozy throws.

But if you, too buy a couple of things each year and are looking for cozy neutrals that you'll still like next fall, I've rounded some up for you. And bonus, it's all relatively wallet-friendly with most products being under $50 and as little as $8!




Decorative Objects
Chunky bead garland (it's huge and it's amazing) $30*

Wick trimmer $7.99 (these changed my life)*

*Items I own and love.

And here are a few favorite fall throw blanket finds!

Chunky knit throw blanket $35 (comes in 5 colors)

*I have these and love them all!

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