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Dax's Picks- A Gift Guide for Boys

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Ok full disclosure: some of these are my picks. ;) This gift guide is approachable, fun, and your not-so-little kid will love it! Here's the 2022 Gift Guide for Boys, around ages 7-10 (But girls would love it too!).

Fun and Affordable Gift Guide for Boys

1. LED color changing light strip. $31.99 Genevieve has these and they all want them! Easy to use, remote controlled, and SO FUN.

2. Kids go cart. $119.99 I told Dax no more riding toys until he learned to ride a bike- he loved his scooter and could've cared less about a bike. Then one day the neighbor taught him. And now this is on the list. The end. 

3. Retro handheld game. $18.99 My nephew had this and Dax loved it. I love that it's an old school style of game. So refreshing!

4. Checkered fleece throw blanket. $16.19 A smaller, version of the IT blanket of Instagram, and fleece. And look at that price! Plus it comes in 5 fun colors!

5. Echo Dot 5th generation. $39.99 Friend after friend has recommended this so I finally pulled the trigger! I'm most excited about setting routines. I think he's going to love it. 

6. Ninjago Lego Set. $37.00 Dax spent an hour on Amazon choosing his favorite LEGO sets and this one made the cut!

7. Glow in the dark basketball. $39.99 How fun is this? There's currently  coupon plus a promo if you buy two- There's also a soccer ball, football, and more! So fun!

8. Shower speaker. $29.99 Another recommendation from a friend and I think all of my kids will love this! Some days we need extra motivation to shower. ;)

9. Big Nate Epic hardcover Book. $28.49 Genevieve got this last year and Dax and Nadia read it too- it's huge and so fun! They love Big Nate but breeze through them (they're comic books if you're not familiar) so I love that this takes longer. This is another good option for someone just getting into the series!

You all I loved the gift guide for boys from last year! Check it out here!



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