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2023 Holiday Home Tour

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Our home is ready for Christmas! I mentioned on Instagram that I was scaling back and I promise I did. ha! I left several bins upstairs and let the girls decorate their own rooms. I barely touched either entry, the playroom (basically storage), the exterior (Joe put up lights but the porch remains unfinished) or the kitchen. But I love how it all turned out! Here's what made it out of the attic and I must say, our home feels really good and festive right now. ♥Let's start with the living area because it's my favorite!

Every year the fireplace looks a bit different. This year I added this velvet ottoman which is perfect for perching on in front of the fire. I also used my vintage brass candlesticks and a banner instead of the usual bells. I love this focal point!

Green Velvet Ottoman  |  Candelabra  |  Merry Christmas Banner  |  Similar Stockings here  |  TV art  |  Garland

I've never done wreaths on the windows before but years ago I saw pampas wreaths on windows in a CB2 catalog and loved the look so I recreated it. Do what you love!

gallery wall sources are here

Our 'everyday eating' space is just behind the living room. A month ago I planned a tablescape with Sam's Club and it looked so bright and festive! Planning to recreate for Christmas dinner. 

candelabra  |  fluted candles  |  table is from Article and Chairs are from World Market

Dishes, glasses, and stemware are from Sam's Club

You can see the living room and the homework nook from the kitchen so that feels festive enough without adding a bunch of stuff.

knives  |  always pan  |  mixer

vase  |  stems

Here's the view to the living room...

And here's the view to the homework nook:

Highly recommend hanging mistletoe under an entry point ♥

Right through this opening and to the right is the office. Other than the tree, I added a few wooden nutcrackers and 2 stockings. These few simple touches make me smile each time I'm in the office. Oh and peep the stockings hanging from the cabinets. Love these so much!

Christmas Tree  |  office sources can be found here!

Love this wooden nutcracker peeking out.

some of the tree trimmings are shared here

Upstairs is the loft (family room), our room, and the kids' rooms:

rug  |  tree

I pulled the 'slopes' pillow out of the donate pile at the last minute. She's so cute I couldn't let her go! And that swiss cross pillow will always have my heart. Each year I steal it from Dax's room at Christmas time. He doesn't mind. ;)

loft sources can be found here

Peep another excuse to buy a newly released Studio McGee x Threshold stocking. A little moment on a bookshelf never gets old!

Rather than decorating the girls' rooms, I brought down the some bins and told them to grab what they wanted out of it. They each grabbed what spoke to them and decorated their own rooms. Not only was it was fun to see what they picked, It took less of my time and they used less stuff! Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of their rooms but Dax's room is always cleaner and easier to photograph!

Dax's room sources are here

Bookmark this tree for next year because it's a GOOD ONE!

Tree Pillow  |  Plaid bedding is from Sam's Club

And the few I snapped of Nadia's room:

We got a new tree for the office and the family room so I passed on this tree to the girls. The quality exceeds the price IMO!

Art   |  Nadia's room sources are here

Lastly, our bedroom: 

Duvet  |  Quilt

Room sources are here

Santa Mug  |  Luxe Faux Fur Blanket (I LOVE this blanket SO much. That's why I'm YELLING at you).

Those are the spaces that got some Holiday cheer! I love how festive it feels! 

Merry Christmas Friends!

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