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I Finally Chose a Color for the Entry!

7:36 AM

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When You Get the Sudden Urge to Paint Something, Do This!

Do you ever wake up with an urge to paint? I can't explain it- some days I just have an itch to paint that won't go away! And then there's the other end of the spectrum; times I procrastinate out of fear of making the wrong choice. This was the case with the entry. I told myself I was waiting for our door to arrive to choose a paint color, but once it arrived, I still hadn't moved forward. That all ended this week when I woke up and thought 'Enough is enough. I'm choosing a paint color TODAY.' But there was a problem. I needed a few supplies and I really didn't want to add a trip to a home improvement store to my day. But my seize the day energy could not be denied. Walmart makes it so easy to get what you want or need now. I was able to order a few more painting supplies on Walmart for same day delivery. A few hours later, I was painting. Seize the day! I rounded up a few paint supplies I ordered or use regularly that were available as soon as same day in my area. (Heads up: delivery speed varies by region so make sure to slide the 'fulfillment speed' bar when you search to filter results).  

My Favorite Way to Seize the Day!

My Favorite Way to Seize the Day

tough canvas drop cloth  |  paint roller (love the wood handle!)  |  Scotch painter's tape  |  Delicate Frog tape (perfect for painting around wallpaper)

You Can Get Painting Supplies Delivered as Soon as Same Day from Walmart!

The next time you get the urge to paint and need supplies, grab them on Walmart! Did I choose the color you voted for? (This one is #3 from the reel!)


Painting Supplies Delivered as Soon as Same Day!

Shop the post below or on LTK!

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