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Quick Ship Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

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Father's Day is ONE week from today! If you still need an idea, I've got you! These are all quick ship, minus one product from a small business but if you order today, it should still make it! We have most of these items or they're on my list for Joe. Either way, I only recommend things we love or things we'd love to have! Here are some fun quick ship father's day gift ideas he'll love!

Lift Bottle Opener. $22. Our friends created this cool and stylish can and bottle opener that's extra handy for people who have physical challenges or muscular challenges. It also has a magnet so it sticks to the fridge. This is one of the 2 items that you need to order ASAP if you want it to arrive by Sunday!

ONSEN waffle bathrobe with hood. $195. I was gifted this robe but it was too big so I gave it to Joe. But why am I so jealous of it? ha! It is SO good. High quality, feels luxurious. He put it on and was like "I think I'm a robe guy now." Definitely a splurge but so luxurious and handsome.

AG1 Athletic Greens Single Serving Powder Supplement. $32. I gifted an AG1 subscription to Joe awhile ago and he's the biggest fan! These single serving packets are a great way to test out the product if he's been looking into it.

Free Assembly Linen Blend Camp Shirt. $16. Joe has this and it looks like he paid 5x as much for it. It's that good. I just love the Free Assembly line and this is no exception.

Remote Control/Key Finder. $16.98. My husband is a patient man, but when he can't find the remote... #addstocart ha.

Frameo Digital Picture Frame. $59.99. I gifted this to my dad for Christmas and he and my stepmom love it! It's so fun to add photos from afar, especially of special events. Highly recommend and it arrives tomorrow!

The Beast Mini Blender. $99. This is my new favorite toy. It's a single serve blender but it's so powerful. Plus the top comes off so you can add a lid, straw, and take it on the go.

Nike Gym Duffle Bag. $54.89. Joe desperately needs a new gym bag, maybe your man or your dad does too?

Comfort Slides. $23.99. These are my favorite type of go-to shoes in the summer. Can go from the pool to errands and almost serve as slippers (or do you call them house shoes?)

Atomic Habits Book. $14.99. This book is SO good and easily digestible. If your dad or husband is into self improvement, he'll love this read.

Harnessing the Power of Jujitsu Book. $18.39. Ok, really any book about a hobby he's into (golf, gaming, pickleball, travel, cooking, etc). Joe just took up Jujitsu and when he gets into something, he gets INTO it. He actually asked for this one, but it's ugly and I just couldn't add it to the gift guide. haha.

Blackstone Griddle. $197. Can't stop won't stop raving about this griddle. We use it more than the grill at this point. We love it so much! You won't regret it!

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