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Dear Forever21...

1:12 PM

Oh my fashionable partner in crime… how you lure me in with your spot-on interpretations of the latest trends and your temptingly low prices.  You’ve saved me numerous times when I was low on cash but still in desperate need of that perfect going-out top or adorable little summer dress.  Your accessories dress up even the most basic outfit without putting me in debt, from chic sunglasses to surprisingly classy looking handbags to every kind of necklace/earrings/bracelet combo imaginable.   I may not be 21 anymore, but you help me age in style. 

But what makes me love you even more???  The fact that you offer options for SO many of us… prepsters, bohemian babes, rockstars, fashionistas and those of us with abundant curves.  Besides the typical Forever21 fare found at the mall, your online Forever21 empire offers me access to some AMAZING items I can’t always find in my local store.    For instance, there’s Love21, which offers a contemporary and modern fit, sure to please all of us more conservative girls out there who might have in the past snubbed our noses at F21’s junior fit. There’s also Twelve by Twelve, offering pieces with a haute couture look at truly a fraction of the price!  Forever21 Twist serves up some punk princess attitude with style, while Faith21 shows that just cause there might be more of us to dress doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style.

AND THERE'S MORE!!  Continued after the jump...

You're now teasing me with a sneak peek at love & beauty, your new makeup collection debuting soon.  And rumor has it that you'll be expanding to decorate not only ME but my living quarters with your upcoming home furnishings collection coming out sometime next year.

Thank you, my dearest friend, for providing such a vast array of affordable delights to let me get my fashion fix.  Don't stop branching out, and I promise I won't stop buying. 

All my love (and a good chunk of my cash),

PS - Please tell Santa (or the husband, whichever) that I'd love to receive any of these...

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  1. Meg, this is so great, and very magazine column worthy! I didn't know you were such a talented writer, but I'm not surprised in the least!
    Forever21 is my absolute fav. and you descibed them perfectly!
    Love you!