Dove Real Beauty Video - Pretty Real

Dove Real Beauty Video

12:22 PM

First let me say that I love fashion, hair, and make up.  I do some modeling on the side and if I could make a living in the world of beauty, I would.  I say that to illustrate that I don't judge those whose business it is to help make women look (and feel) their best.  Unfortunately, helping women look good has now evolved into pressuring women to achieve a standard of beauty that doesn't exist in real life.  This video has it right- our perception of beauty is certainly distorted.

I myself am a tall, thin woman who usually doesn't struggle in the self confidence category.  Yet sometimes after flipping through a magazine I have this intangible feeling of inadequacy.  Even when you're confident, educated, and attractive (ok so that sounds really vain, but for the sake of argument, hear me out!), you still can't help but compare yourself to an unattainable standard.  I will never have hair like Beyonce--it doesn't matter that I know it's fake; I still want it; I will never have Halle Berry's perfect bust; I will never have Jennifer Aniston's adorable size double 00 petite frame;  Does that mean I can never be beautiful?  Each of these women is paid BIG bucks to advertise products that I want to believe will make me look like them.  Sadly, they probably don't even look like them when all is said and done. 

It shouldn't be cliche to suggest that real beauty is, well...being real--having the confidence to be not only authentic, but the best version of YOU both outwardly and inwardly.  I am thankful to God that my mom instilled in me a sense of being a beautiful person on the inside (a constant work in progress!), and allowing my inner character to overflow to my outer appearance.  I applaud Dove for celebrating beauty in all sizes, skin tones, complexions, and shapes.

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