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Juicy Couture Look for Less

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You can probably tell by now that I have expensive taste…so any time I can find a designer brand on clearance or an item similar to the designer brand, I’m all over it. If you love fashion as much as I do, yet also have a sense of responsibility to try to avoid living beyond your means (it's so hard!), than being a bargainista is the only way to go.

So you can imagine my excitement at finding these adorable and comfy velour sweat suits at Old Navy. I love Juicy Couture. There’s just something about that cute little “J” hanging from the zipper that tells the world, “This isn’t just a sweat suit. It’s a Juicy Couture sweat suit.” I totally get that. It’s why even though I love J Brand jeans, it bums me out that there’s no logo on them. Right or wrong, that’s the truth people. But ask yourself if the J in Juicy is worth $156 because that’s the price difference between these remarkably similar outfits! They are both 80% cotton and 20% polyester. And they both come in fun colors. The only major differences to me are:
• The Old Navy hoodie has cute detail the Juicy Couture one lacks- puff sleeves and shirred shoulders and pockets.
• The Old Navy version comes in petite and tall.
• The Old Navy version is $21* to $30 for the entire suit vs. $186 for the Juicy Couture suit!

I got a few and I LOVE them. I think I’m okay sacrificing the J. ☺

*$21 if you use the "stuff and save" promo

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