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Taste{full} Treats - Oh The Taste of Fall!

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Ahhhhhhh autumn.  A time of changing leaves, crisp air, and….delicious desserts. J  While I'm still working on improving my cooking skills of actual MEALS, baking has always seemed to come naturally to me.  (Well, minus the several baking experiences in my early teen years that earned me a laughable rep in my family.... who knew that flour was THAT important in the baking of cookies??)  My improved baking skills over the years are probably attributed to the fact that I’m a sweet freak and get so excited to try my hand at yummy sounding new recipes...much to the chagrin of my wasteline!  Never am I more excited to bake than the onset of fall.  Crisp apples, yummy pumpkin and cinnamon galore.... I have yet to meet a cool weather comfort dessert I don’t like.  Here are some of my fav recipes this fall!

From the domestic goddess herself, Martha Stewart.  These. Are. Phenomenal.

 Apple Crisp.  

Who doesn't love a crisp? This ones loaded with crunchy topping and is a breeze to make.  It's delicious for dessert OR breakfast! (I mean, it does have oatmeal and fruit in it, so that qualifies it, right??)

Cause nothing says Christmas-is-coming to me quite like these cinnamon-y cookies
my mom made for us all growing up!

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  1. oh, wow. i might have just gained 5 pounds thinking about all of these!

  2. Oh no, they're all fat free, don't worry. ;) HA. I was thinking of you because I wanted to do my apple pie recipe but wasn't home to grab it and couldn't find it online. Have you made it at all lately?? I'm craving some!

  3. Just made the apple crisp...it's in the oven and I can't wait to eat it with vanilla ice-cream during our Thursday night line up (The Office, Community, Flash Forward)...great night. ;)