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Modern Minnie Mouse Party: Decor + Favors.

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The moment you've all been waiting for...okay, just kidding.  It's been forever since I shared the first glimpse of Genevieve's Modern Minnie Mouse Party and I thought it high time I shared the rest of the party with you.  After the numerous posts on Nadia's Party, I wanted to keep this short and sweet and only do a couple of posts.  It should have been a bit easier considering this was a smaller low budget "family only" party versus the production that Nadia's party sort of accidentally turned out to be. ;)'s me.  So I have to add a third post of party people and the invitation process.  I can't help it; I'm long winded!  Here's a look at the decor and favor table.

Decor {Details}: 

Descriptions (from left to right):
-I used printables from here for the welcome sign.  I threw it on the Christmas wreath that was already on our door.
-The fireplace wasn't a focal point of the party but since I already had the ruffled streamers I didn't use at Nadia's party, tons of frames, and all the photos of Genevieve from the "shoot" we did for her invitation, I figured I'd put it all to use.  The Minnie Mouse plush was an easy addition.
-Before kids, we had what we called "the red room."  It was a modern office/guest room with red walls and black and white decor and photography.  I loved the red room [sniff sniff]!  The little red/black/white houndstooth suitcase used to live on a shelf in the red room.  I was psyched when I remembered it and easily found a use for it.  The black and white polka dot napkins were $1 at Wal-Mart.
-I made the menu using PicMonkey and used the ubiquitous Ikea frame (purchased off of eBay) to display it.  -One of the factors that led to me throwing a red, black, and white Minnie party (vs. a pink one) was the classic Minnie and Mickey dishes I picked up at Target forever ago.  I didn't photograph it all but a cute Minnie and Mickey tray housed mini chicken salad sandwiches and a Mickey bowl held hummus.  This cup was perfect for the paper straws.
Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas from Taste{Full}

Descriptions (From Left to Right):
- I always try to frame the invitation for an easy decor item.  (I did the same for Genevieve's pumpkin party and Nadia's dedication).  I got the idea to add ears and a bow when I had leftover ribbon and glittery card stock. After that, I sort of wanted to add ears to everything.  Even Joe.
-I loved this simple backdrop.  
-I was inspired to make the personalized Minnie Mouse letter after seeing a similar one over at Paige Simple.   It was really easy. Surprisingly, I remembered to take photos of the process so perhaps I'll post a quick tutorial soon eventually.
-I didn't get to use the ruffled streamers at Nadia's party because it was soooo windy!  So I decided to make up for it by using them behind the photos over the fireplace. 

Decor {Backdrop}:
Minne Mouse party backdrop
This may be the easiest backdrop ever.  Foam Core + Wrapping Paper + 3 circles as Minnie + Rosettes and Hanging Fans from here.  Although I'm tempted to pass it off as my own, I got the idea from this party.  {Hoping the blog gods smile down at me for giving credit where credit is due}, but added the background "board," as my own twist.  

Decor: {Banner}:
Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

I knew I wanted to use the extra hanging fans somewhere and over the food table seemed like a good place.  I'll post more about this banner separately because it was so cute and inexpensive! The Minnie photos were a part of a calendar that cost $1 at Target.  I just glued two photos together to make a mobile.  I loved that the photos were more modern than  your typical Minnie Mouse image.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
I really loved the way the banner turned out!  Unfortunately, the room it hung in has terrible lighting and is a very narrow room which made it tough to get great photos!

Count out how many letters "Happy Birthday Genevieve!" is.  I dare you.  Exactly.  So I had to improvise with "Genevieve is three!" I actually might just like that better.  

Decor {Favor Table}:
See, the backdrop was so easy I made two of them!  Again, poor lighting + lack of photography experience (or equipment) make for the occasional crappy photo.  Boo to winter birthdays and indoor parties! How embarrassed should I be to tell you the frame still hangs there today? The rosettes and fans are off but the frame lives on.  It has somehow become a dry erase board which could be cute except for that frame is not an attractive one and red and white polka dots--while fun for this party--do not match my kitchen.  Not even a little bit.  Oh well.  I've admitted to my procrastination at least.  And hopefully I'm scoring "keep it real" points.  Or am I the only one who keeps track of those?

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Favors
I loved these favors.  The tins are from Target's $1 section and I filled them with gumballs--that may or may not have been leftover from Nadia's party.  The mini gumballs I got from here.  Oh c'mon pure sugar doesn't go bad does it?!
Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
The gumball dispensers are from the Dollar Tree.  Can you believe it?!  Okay a tiny part of me is hoping they don't contain lead or some similar poison.  While I'm willing to sacrifice for a party, that may be taking it a bit far.  But my nephew did say--and I quote-- it was "the best party favor ever."  Oh, and one more thing--I saw the exact same one (packaging and everything) at TJ Maxx for $12.99 around Christmas time.  And I gave myself a mental pat on the back.
Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
You can't tell from the picture (and I'm shocked that this is the only one I took) but the books have little Minnie Mouse combs and mirrors attached.  I got it all from the $1 of Target.  Yes, this was a low budget party.  Ain't no shame.
Mickey Mouse Party Favors
 Just a close up because I like close ups. :)
Can't get over the ears on this frame.  Too cute.

If you'd like to check out other Modern Minnie Party Posts, here they are:

Well that's all she wrote.  I had a really hard time finding ideas for a modern red, black, and white Minnie Mouse Party so I'm hoping this helps others looking.  And you know I'm all about doing things on a budget so this fits that bill as well.  We're all in this together!
Happy Party Planning Peeps!

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  1. Wow! This is awesome!!! Thanks for all the ideas!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Good luck with your Minnie party!

  2. I just found your blog, and this was the second post I clicked on. Your family is ADORABLE!!! I'm throwing my daughter a Minnie birthday party next month. She turns 2, but it happened so fast! I am way out of my league when it comes to parties and planning. Your ideas look great!

    1. Hi Shawnda! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm glad you found us! If your little one is just two, I'll assume you haven't thrown too many parties--I felt SO out of my league with my first one too! It gets easier, you get more creative, and it gets more fun! I learn something new with each shindig I throw! Good luck and thanks so much for your kind words!