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Vacation Via Instagram.

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I'm back from vacation.  I feel like life hasn't slowed down until today.  Now that it has, I wanted to take a few minutes and share our vacation via Instagram pictures. I figured that would be the easiest way to share a snapshot of vacation...since you're probably here for DIY or Parties...more than to look at pictures of my kids.  But you'll indulge me right?

I took this picture the night of our first full day in Florida, at the restaurant Rum Runners (a surprisingly good restaurant by the way).  Getting there was a nightmare but I'll spare you the loooong story and suffice it to say I hate Delta I won't be flying Delta.  Ever. Again.  Anyway, I took this to show how amazing Genevieve's hair does in humidity!! If only I could bottle it...I would.
My children are not human children and do not sleep en route to anywhere.  No matter how long they've been awake.  No, sleep is not an option.  Therefore they were exhausted with a capital cranky pants.  I was so sad to wake them the next day to go to the beach.  But Genevieve popped right up from the deep slumber you see pictured here shouting "We're going to the beach today!!!" so all was well.
I didn't publish this one on IG...I took it to text to my mom. (I took a picture of the LCD on my camera which is why they're blurry).  The beach was a success and I just loved these little swimsuits I got from Target.  Nadia's swimsuit is available online here. You can see Genevieve's little retro number here but it's out of stock online (you can search availability in your local store though if you're interested).  I'm bummed because I accidentally bought a 2T (it was on a 4T hanger) so it's too small but I couldn't resist since it sort of fit and is so dang cute!  At least Nadia can wear it this summer.  Also Target is currently having a swim sale so if you're in the market for one...  
Having lunch outdoors at the beach.  Disclaimer on the bottom photo--It was super sunny and I couldn't tell her eyes were closed until after I posted it of course.  

Ok, I lied. They apparently do sleep en route.  But only after they haven't slept and are exhausted well beyond their comfort level (or mine).  By the way, how fun is it to bring car seats on a trip?  Yes, that is sarcasm.  And oh, we almost always forget to take them out of the car at the airport and Joe ends up sprinting back to grab them. That's how amazingly organized we are.
After their mini nap they got right into the pool at the awesome kid friendly house we stayed in.  The pool had an end that was about 1 1/2 feet deep perfect for kiddos.  It's funny how the pool feels like such work when you have little ones.  You know, who are at risk of drowning?  That little wading pool afforded us much relaxation.  Although of course they still wanted to go in the deep end. By the way I got these cute water toys for $3 each at Target.  I'm not sure if they're everywhere but they were definitely worth it!
The next day the guys went golfing and my mother in law and I went shopping and to look at model homes.  I took tons of photos because they were decorated so beautifully and in JUST my style. I love the subtle nod to all things nautical without being all cheesy dolphins/shells/pastels. I also wanted to blog some of the cute ideas I saw in them but somehow I lost most of the photos I took. :(  I still have a few so I'm sure they'll find their way to Taste{Full} eventually.
That night we went to dinner at Mel's Diner--a place I made fun of in my head because the average age of the Patron was like 67 and there was a license plate in the parking lot that said OLDFART or something like that.  I'm not kidding.  But the food was actually good and super cheap.  Shut me right up. And all of that has nothing to do with this photo...I just took it because I love my sweet girl's smile and she's wearing a halter.  In February.  
The next day we went back to the beach on our own.  I took these on the way.  I have to take self portraits to prove I was there.  Since out of 1000 pictures, I'm probably in 3.  I know, poor-little-girl-who-got-to-spend-8-days-in-Florida in February.  On a nicer note, check out the husband's real authentic smile! I knew you had it in you Joe DeLangie.
The next day the guys went golfing again and I forced the girls to crawl into bed with me to watch TV.  I just wasn't ready to get up yet.  I loved Nadia's body positioning and her resting on my ankles.  Hence this photo was born. ;)
The following day we went to see the Red Sox in a pre-season game (is that what it's called)?  There is a mini Fenway there.  The girls actually made it through half of the 5th inning.  In case you're curious, a baseball game is not a suitable activity for toddlers.  But overall it was still a good time and any time I was tempted to whine or complain (you know while I was wrestling Nadia and trying to look normal while doing it), I remembered I was sitting outdoors in a sundress in February.  I don't know if that refrain is getting old for you but it never did for me.  Maybe because I live in an extremely cold temperatures type of place, I just can't get over it being 80 degrees in the dead of "winter." I think my caption for this was "Fun day today. #notreadyforreallife" to which my MIL (who had left already) replied "it's brutal coming home."  Indeed.
I'm clearly biased but seriously, is she not the cutest little 3 year old?  
We squeezed in a date night while we were there.  Back to Rum Runners (note to those planning to visit Florida, Cape Coral, while beautiful is quiet and there are not many restaurants or things to do. Everything is in Fort Meyers which is about 45 minutes away).  My husband apparently just needs sun + time off of work to lose his stiff smile and start acting crazy.  And I have a big nose.  Date night was great!
The next day was sort of cool so I didn't  don my swimsuit...yet it was warm enough to sit out in the sun and lament on how we only had one more day of this.  
Packing to go home.  Nooooo! Bye bye bright and fun summer clothes.  Hello 30 degrees and snow.  
Nautical isn't really my thing (perhaps because I can only swim well enough to avoid drowning?) but I couldn't resist these adorable PJs on clearance at Gap last year.  She wore them to commemorate our last morning eating breakfast least for two months (if we're lucky)! Oh as a side note, she's playing "endless alphabet" which she loves! I highly recommend that app if you have a toddler.  It's free but so well done with cool graphics and an educational theme.  
waiting to board in Atlanta. Someone is tired.  But don't let this fool you--she didn't sleep a wink from 6:30 am until 10:30 that night.  BUT she more than made up for it by sleeping in until 10:50 the next morning.  Say what?!  
Joe spilled green drink all over Nadia's comfy traveling sweatsuit (it's okay, I'm not mad honey) so she ended up wearing real clothes.  How cute are these super bright pants?!  We are officially on our way back to NH. Bye Bye Florida.  See you next year.

Did you (or are you) going on vacation this winter?  Where?  What activities do you have planed?  Are your kids good travelers?

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