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12:57 PM

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Google reader is going away.  I only realized that through lots of other bloggers' complaints.  Just like a large portion of my life, my blog reading is a bit unorganized and not at all methodical.  I am following various blogs in various readers.  I get some emailed to me.  I don't follow some that I love and then just randomly remember to physically type the address into my browser.  It's a mess.  So I decided to narrow it down to Bloglovin + email.  I hate my email all clogged up with blogs (and that impending doom feeling of seeing 700 emails and knowing that 1/3 of them are blog posts, 1/3 are retailers trying to sell me something, and only 1/3 of them are legit emails that I actually need).  So eventually I will probably get rid of e-mail blogs also.  But in the meantime I'll stick with this strategy since it seems less overwhelming.  Do you want to join me?  If so...

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