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My Foray into Felt.

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I am a little obsessed with felt.  It's pretty. It's cheap.  Need I say more?  First I made a  felt bow.  It was harder than it seemed and I certainly didn't want to take the time to blog it. But until the clip on it stopped being springy, both Nadia and Genevieve did wear it often! See evidence below:


Genevieve with one of our favorite teens on a gorgeous fall day in October.  And Nadia playing in the back yard 10 days before Christmas (with no coat!  and here we are a week before Easter and it's snowing.  What's wrong with this picture)?  And then I made this. 

Well actually, before I made the wreath, I came across this post over at The Busy Budgeting Mama and decided that felt food would be my next project.  I already had some felt, bought lots more, and bookmarked lots of tutorials to make felt food.  It's just so cute.  And it can be pricey.  Yet seemed easy to replicate.  Plus I loved the idea of hand making a Christmas gift for Genevieve.  I narrowed down my list of LOTS of food to these:

Eggs + Bacon.
Sandwich (If I had time). and I laugh.

And then I made the donuts.  And it took me like two months.  And I realized...not everything is meant to be handmade by Tiffany.  I just don't hand sew.  It takes FOREVER.  And I can't watch TV while doing it.  And my neck starts to hurt. And maybe I need glasses because my eyes also start to hurt.  And then I wonder why I'm doing this.  Especially when (during this process) I picked up a set of six felt cupcakes AND a full felt cake from Target for $3 each.  Seriously.  

But I forged ahead...I really needed to finish what I started.  And don't get me wrong.  I'm thrilled with results!  They look adorable (despite by poor sewing skills) and charming and a make me a  bit nostalgic for simpler toys and times.  And I should mention that Genevieve loves them.  And just looking at the photo makes me want to tackle the rest of my list!  My resolve is waning.  What do you think?  Should I continue torturing myself or just buy these?
Felt Sandwich Set from here.

What have you handmade lately?  Or what do you wish you had the patience to make by hand?  Have you used felt for anything?  

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  1. Ha! I've been struggling a lot lately with the buy it vs. make it issue too! Sometimes it's ok to just buy it. In this case, it's totally adorable and worth it. Tough call.

    1. There's not a worst feeling than being halfway through a DIY that isn't coming out right, cost more to make than you anticipated, and/or was way harder than you thought it would be and thinking "I should have just bought it!" But there's still charm in a handmade item right?!

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