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Genevieve's Pretty Pink Teen Room

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A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

Genevieve's pretty, pink teen room is complete! I'm calling it "done," although there a few things left to do and I know I'll tweak it down the road. I've shared a lot about kid rooms (they're my favorite!)- how to have a room you both like, how this one has been a struggle, and tips on designing kids' spaces in general. And I love that this project pushed me, but I also think Genevieve will see it as a space that was pivotal in determining her own home style. Here are some things to look for:
A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!
quilt  |  sconce  |  arch cabinet  |  hanging chair  |  rug  |  curtains
A unique bed orientation


My task was to fit a queen size bed (her room doubles as a guest room, a desk, book storage, and a hanging chair. That's no easy feat in a 12x14' room. We squeezed it all in, but if those requests weren't so important to her, I would've edited the must-haves for a more open feeling. Nevertheless it all came together- in part because we switched the bed from its normal orientation by turning it sideways. It's not a perfect system- she's currently using my wonderful King sized linen duvet that I love and need to steal back- but it gave her a bit more floor space and allowed us to place the desk in front of the bed. Sometimes you just need to think outside of the box and also be okay with a space being...let's say order to work for your family.


A Pretty Pink Teen Room!
rug  |  butterfly art  |  frames  |  duvet

Before I get too far in, let me show you the room with another important must-have from Genevieve- vines. I had to get the art out of my system because that's what I would have done if I was designing her room in a vacuum. But a funny thing happened when she saw the art- she said "I like it mom. It's pretty!" and then I let her off the hook because although I knew she liked it, I also knew it wasn't her style as much as mine. The other funny thing is that the vines actually look kind of magical- especially in real life. I'd love to get some modern art (which is more her vibe than vintage butterflies) on the wall but for now, she's happy so I'm happy. :)

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

A Pretty Pink Teen Room!

A Pretty Pink  Teen Room!

A Pretty Pink Teen Room!
spindle table  |  old school phone was a FBMP find here's a similar one

There's so much seating in this little room- the desk chair, hanging chair, pouf, and big bed make for a cozy hang out. 

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room

After trying an open bookshelf (it was a disaster), I grabbed this cutie cabinet which holds all of her books.

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

Genevieve picked this art- it really shows her style. Sharing a close up so you can see its yummy texture. She loves the 'aesthetic' room vibe and this little vignette shows that- greenery, white, and mod decor.

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

More desk details can be found here.

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!
lamp  |  mirror  |  lidded basket  |  pouf  |  checkered throw

In real life, she hangs her backpack here. I still can't believe the shelf was only $15. Wish I'd bought one for Nadia!

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!
RAD art  |  shelf

The Big Picture

Her closet is not the most flattering part of the room (although it looked pretty cute here!), and I didn't even "style" it for these photos but to keep it real and because people always ask "where are the clothes?", here it is. She loves it as is, but I'd love to re-do it at some point. 

But these next several photos are the view when you step in or walk past the room, so I can live with the open closet. 😍

A Pretty Pink Teen Room with Vintage Touches!

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

A Pretty Pink Aesthetic Teen Room!

And one more before and after because it's so satisfying!



A Pretty Pink Teen Room!

This room took a long time and was honestly my most challenging room to date (well besides the living room with its weird corner fireplace- ha!), but it was worth it. It's always worth it ♥.

Paint color- Benjamin Moore Soul Mate. 

Bed- DIY tutorial here
Desk (similar)

Throw pillow on hanging chair

Modern art over cabinet

LED lights- we love these

Cork board here or here (we have the large size)
Classic books- on nightstand
Scallop basket- used as planter

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