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A DIY Canopy and a Surprising Source for Beautiful Bedding

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This post is sponsored by Spoonflower. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Pretty Real possible!

When Nadia requested a canopy, I knew exactly where I'd go for fabric. I always regretted letting go of the girls' darling twin beds that I reupholstered in gorgeous fabric from Spoonflower and this was a chance to redeem my regret! What I didn't know is that Spoonflower offers so many home decor products, including bedding. Custom bedding in the fabric of our choice was a dream! In the end, we ended up with a pretty canopy, a duvet cover and shams, a sheet set, throw pillows and a velvet-y throw- all made with quality materials and amazing craftsmanship in fun patterns.


Choosing a Pattern (And making design choices with kids)

Spoonflower offers samples of all of their products so after getting direction from Nadia- bright, preppy, and fun- and considering the colors of her rug and walls I chose a few- okay- a TON- of options to share with her. I ordered those we liked best. When our order arrived we each chose our favorites- independent of the other. It was fun to see what overlapped. Out of all the samples, we each chose the pink windowpane and the tan smiley faces as favorites. Then we each had a keeper. I adored the gingham check and she loved the lightning bolts. We both really liked the vertical stripe too. In the end I mixed and matched until it felt right (although if I was designing in a vacuum, I definitely would've included a more block print style like this one) and then placed an order. I'm a firm believer that both parent and child can be happy with a space once it's complete. Curating choices, listening to their wants from the beginning (side note- I realllly wanted to get her anther cane or woven bed but her little heart wanted upholstered and white/bright), and giving them a voice during the process helps to accomplish the mission. We are both so happy with our choices!

The DIY canopy

I'll be sharing a step by step on how I created the canopy (and how Joe and I installed it) next, but the short version is that I used PVC pipes, curtain rod connectors, ceiling mount rods, and this beautiful fabric. I used 16  yards of cotton lawn which made 6 panels that were 86" length- about 84" after hemming. I used curtain tape for the panels to give them a polished look.  

The Bedding

HOT TIP: Here's a tip for nice fluffy bedding- I used 2 inserts for the duvet! Also, choose a pillow insert that's an inch to two inches bigger than your throw pillow cover. All of the bedding is so well made and feels luxurious. I have to call out the throw because it's almost like a weighted blanket! It's incredibly soft (we chose the performance velvet fabric) and has enough weight to it to feel calming. Nadia adores it- it would make a great Christmas gift (too soon?!).

duvet  | entire collection here

throw pillow (available in 24 gorgeous colors!)

Check back shortly for the step by step DIY canopy tutorial! A few more additions and Nadia's room will be complete!

Shop Nadia's bedding here and make sure to peruse Spoonflower - there's every style and pattern you can think of!

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