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The Girls' Budget Friendly Mermaid Room

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I first shared about my plans for the girls' room literally over a year ago! It feels so good to share just a peek of it! I'm calling it phase 1--It can be tough to move quickly when the budget is tight and time is too. Breaking it down into phases helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Yay for playing mind tricks with myself. Here's my progress:
Mermaid Pillow Options 1 | 2 | 3 | Fabric for headboard
Paint the Room
Reupholster headboards
Find large art for over the vanity
Paint the vanity and swap out the hardware
Replace vanity bench with chair
Get bedding/pillows/bed skirt
Collect/hang art over nightstands
Paint nightstands
Find Non-Breakable Lamps
Get a few accessories/photos for vanity and nightstands
Purchase rug for room
Find thrifted dresser (why are dressers so pricey?!)
Paint dresser
Create a "system" for closet
Find/DIY a shelf solution (regular wall shelf, floating shelves, etc)
Purchase or thrift a mirror for over the dresser
Semi-DIY curtains (working on these with this fun fabric).
Wall or ceiling treatment? (decals, stencil, etc?)

Big Picture. Isn't she pretty?! 
(Side note: I took 50 photos from an angle to avoid getting my reflection in the vanity but even after trying to straighten them they looked wonky. So you get to see my face).

This ghost chair might be my favorite thing in the room. My girls are rough on things- they play hard (I'm trying to embrace it. I'm not doing a good job) so I'm sort of waiting for it to get destroyed. I did find stickers on it the other day. Sad face.

Finding large art was so tough. This one was from HomeGoods and is by Colleen Karis. I really like it and love that they love it but this one is so pretty and polished that I totally would have switched if Nadia hadn't already fallen in love with that bright fun number. These are so beautiful too!

The art was collected for over a year and was mostly clearance finds. Like  I recommended when I shared Genevieve's gallery wall in our old house, when you're on a tight budget, grab pieces of art here or there for a budget friendly collection.

I will admit- I have a problem collecting sweet Bibles! I didn't "style" their tables or vanity. I used what we had because like I said, they break things. And also keeping their room clean might just be the death of me, so buying a bunch of cute accessories seemed ridiculous. Books and photos for the win!
Bible | Why We Really Love Dogs book for my little dog lover

*Michael's clearance but this one is similar in size and color scheme. I've been eyeing this mermaid art too!

 Mini Marquee Star (similar) | Brave Girls Bible Stories (we LOVE this!) | The Secret Mermaid series

My interior designer friend had the idea to put black pom pom fringe on the pillow. It took 5 minutes and I LOVE it! (She also tried to convince me to paint the vanity black and I wish I'd listened!).
 Pillow Options 1 | 2 | 3 |  Pom Pom Fringe | Green Quilt (similar or this one) | Mermaid Sheet Set (similar). (Side note: this duvet is awesome and is on clearance!) | Bed Skirt (not pictured)

Originally I wanted to do a huge monogram over their beds or maybe portraits of each of them, however Genevieve begged for a canopy so when I saw this sweet canopy for under $20 at Christmas, I couldn't resist!

 And one more big picture without my face in it:
Mermaid Tail Options 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
The girls are impatient for me to finish their room (the other side is a hot mess- maybe I'll show it in my instastory since that disappears after 24 hours. ha!), but so far they love it. Their one request is something on the ceiling. Why can't those glow in the dark stars look cooler?! Any ideas??

Create the Look:

Here are some items in the room plus other Mermaid items I love. Some of these links are affiliate links. As a reminder, I only share stuff I have, love, wish I had, want you to have because it's so awesome...You get the picture. ;) 

Hobby Lobby also has tons of cute Mermaid stuff- check it out here or in your local store.

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