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Nadia's Fun and Easy Trolls Party

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Nadia turned 6! I can't believe it- I feel like I was just planning her circus party to celebrate her very first birthday. How fast time flies right?! She requested a trolls party and you guys- I guess I've grown up or gotten tired, because I just went with it. Character parties aren't usually my favorite to plan but the kids have loved them and Genevieve's Minnie Mouse party was (and is, I think?) the most viewed party on Pretty Real. Plus I love the movie and the music!

Since their birthdays are just a day apart, I typically throw a joint party for Dax and Nadia using the same theme (you can see their Camping party here and their Under the Sea party here). But Dax is beyond obsessed with trucks and Nadia wasn't all that into that idea. So I hosted one party with 2 themes. Which was fun. But I won't be doing that again. ;) Because of that, I had to keep them fairly simple. I put together 2 fun themed tables (I'll share Dax's truck party table next week) and called it a day! 

Here are the elements of Nadia's Trolls party table. Keep in mind, I kept it pretty simple and also the lighting was not great. Despite that I'm sharing because it's such a popular theme I thought someone might be inspired! 

 I seriously can't believe these printables were free! They're so cute!

 I'm all about store bought treats these days. It takes about 5 minutes to dip these in candy melt + sprinkles!
From now on I'm always serving water alongside sweets! Kids drank it up and it's so easy to add it to the dessert table! These fun neon straws are available at Wal-Mart or here.

plain headbands + tulle + little flowers = troll hair. So easy and cute! Note: add more strips of tulle and cut shorter to get it to stand up better!

Did you know you can get rock candy from Wal-Mart? Best price! I used site to store for free shipping.

 I used this recipe for the popcorn. It doesn't look nearly as pretty as hers but was easy and fun.
 More with the dipped store bought treats.
Rainbow Balloon Backdrop
 I took inspiration from Oh Joy for the balloon backdrop. It's pretty easy! You simply blow up twisty balloons almost all the way (leaving about 4-5 inches at the bottom). Then you start at the top and bend them to create the wavy effect. Then tie the end and snip off the excess. Note: make sure to tie the bottoms really tight before cutting them! 
I used the .97 Trolls cups from Wal-Mart's party section on the table and filled them with troll themed stuff like these, these, and these for party favors (forgot to snap a pic though!). 

Publix did a fantastic job on the cake! I topped it with a tiny troll (similar) and these fun candles. The cake stand was a DIY for a previous project but you could use something like this (much cheaper at your local craft store!).

Trolls Party Ideas
The Princess Poppy behind the cake is only available at Wal-Mart. Nadia received it for her birthday last year and it was perfect for the table!
Cotton candy in clear cups makes for a fun addition to the table! If you set it out too early it hardens so add it at the last minute.
I loved Nadia's Trolls shirt-- it was only $5! Her sister's Trolls shirt was SO cute too, and also $5! (Pictured below).

 Nadia loved her Trolls party and we loved celebrating her!

Here are some items to create your own trolls party (some affiliate links included)!

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