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Calling all Hot Mamas

4:19 PM

I'm happy to announce that 'mom jewelry' doesn't have to be lame (or am I the only one who made that connection)?! Just one of many reasons to check out Bloom Maternity is their cool mom jewelry. They carry custom baby name jewelry to include "Hot Mama Designs" and "Swanky Mommy." I am in love with these disc necklaces. They're modern but still sentimental and totally affordable. Great idea for Christmas, Mother's Day, or a push gift! Here's a sample of their selection.

Visit Bloom Maternity or their Facebook page for more options.

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  1. SO cute. And you two are some GLMs - you don't have to worry about lame ANYTHING!

  2. Great article! Will post on our blog too!

  3. These are beautiful - thanks for sharing.