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Taste{full} Tips: Holiday Gifts - Absolutely Free & Priceless!

11:39 AM

As we’re now smack dab in the middle of the busy Christmas season, I’m sure you’re crossing items off your gift list, making plans for those last minute presents still to get, and wrapping up beautiful packages to give to family and friends.  So much about this season is wonderful and magical and meaningful, yet it can be easy to get caught up in the material “things” of the holiday.  What about some gifts we can give to each other or even to ourselves that cost us nothing?  Here’s some thoughts on gifts that will cost you nothing or close to it, but might prove to be invaluable…

Random Act of Kindness
Whether it’s as simple as holding the door for a stranger as you rush about your holiday errands, or stepping up to pay for the groceries of a family in need ahead of you in line at the grocery store, take a second to see what random act of generosity you can give to a complete stranger around you.  Instead of turning away from a blatant need that might be easier to ignore, embrace the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and DO something about it.  Not only will you bless someone else, but you will feel blessed yourself as well!

Sure that frantic lady driver in the minivan just cut you off for the choice parking spot in the mall parking lot… but instead of grumbling and calling her a few choice words, take a second to think about what might be going on in her life to cause her to be in such a rush.  We can’t know the stress and circumstances in the lives of those around us, but we CAN try to be more understanding of the fact that oftentimes people’s outward actions are reflections of what they’re going through inwardly.  Be gracious and know that there are times when people will hopefully be understanding of YOUR behavior when you’re stressed!

We all have people in our lives who at one time have hurt us or offended us in some way or another.  It’s tempting to say that they don’t deserve to be forgiven… but guess what?  YOU deserve to let it go.  Don't let what someone else has done to you continue to punish you.  Negativity can truly harm you mentally, emotionally and physically.  Whether it's something that you need to communicate to the one who has offended you, or simply just something you resolve to do privately in your own heart/mind, make a choice to let go and forgive.  You'll be amazed at how much better YOU will feel.

A handwritten note, an email, a phone conversation, a text message, even a Facebook comment… in this world of constant communication, take a moment each day of this holiday season to simply let someone know how much you appreciate them.  Whether it’s your significant other who somehow just always knows how to make you laugh, your hairdresser who always makes you look (and feel) fabulous, the girlfriend who you can tell anything and not feel judged, or even the UPS guy who always delivers your online shopping (gotta love him!), let the people in your life know how much better they make each day by simply being them.

OK, so lest you think that we're throwing out suggestions that we don't actually follow, know that in the past 24 hours I've personally given each of these "gifts".  And I can assure you that I am better off for it. Here's hoping you'll feel the same, and understand that living taste"fully" encompasses so much more than just giving great material gifts!  

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