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Taste{full} Tips: Holiday Gifts - Last Minute Edible Treats

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Still short a few Christmas gifts?? With the holiday only a few short days away, present-buying time is very limited!  In an effort to avoid the terror zone that is your local mall, try out one of these delicious and delightful recipes for a homemade treat sure to delight any of your gift recipients!  With a quick trip to the store you can bake up some goodies and cover all those last minute random people on your list, as well as stock a few extra packages for unexpected visitors!  Not only are these treats tasty to eat, they are also a visual treat as well, wrapped up to perfection in a variety of unique and adorable containers.  Take the suggestions here but feel free to also substitute whatever unique packaging you can find around YOUR house!  Check out these recipes courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens, and click here for even more.

Left to right, Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake, Chocolate Doughnut Delights & Cran Crackle Bars

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