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Taste{full} Tips: Holiday Gifts - Terrific & $25 or Under for the Guys

12:00 PM

Be it your significant other, Dad, brother, sister's new boyfriend or your random guy cousin whose name you chose in the family swap, these gifts are sure to please a wide range of the guys in your life... all at $25 or less a pop!

Sure, socks COULD be boring, but these argyle & stripe pairs from Forever21 are anything but.  And at only $4.90 for TWO pairs, you can't go wrong!  Want to get something a bit more out of the box?  Try the Brushed Wool Trooper Cap ($16.90), perfect for keeping him fashionable even in the dead of winter!

For the Golfer/BBQ'er in your life, try this clever gift, only $25 at Uncommon Goods!

At the ultimate Guy Gadget store, Brookstone, you can find these great gifts
all with even MORE appealing prices!

Mini Charging Station ($25) , Indoor Remote Helicopter ($19.99) & 6-in-1 LED Multi-Tool ($12.50)

Ok, and one really FUN custom pick over $25...

Design your very own custom Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Double Sneakers.  Tons of colors and prints allow you to customize all parts of the shoe to your specs! $70 at Converse

Toys for the trendy tots in your life are next!

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  1. I just discovered Uncommon Goods recently and love it!

  2. Just ordered some socks for Joe's stocking! And a $10 gift card for mine. ;) What can I say--free shipping with the purchase of a gift card!

  3. um, may i please have a guy (NOT gabe) to buy those awesome chucks for? i am dying over them . . .