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GroopDealz. Enough said.

9:34 AM

Is it me or are there so many tempting deals on GroopDealz today?!  Check out these cool finds:

I know these bib necklaces are everywhere...and it's tempting to shun them as a result.  But look. how. pretty. they. are!  This one is only $9.99 and comes in 4 modern colors!

I want these. In every color. 

My mom is the best at finding real vintage jewelry.  But if you don't have the patience for the hunt, why not cheat with this one?!  So pretty.

These melamine platters would make the perfect hostess, thank you, or housewarming gift.  So many fun patterns and color combos to choose from!

Fall is here! Keep those little legs warm with something as cute as these (is it me or are these much more fun than regular tights)!

I got the turquoise twine I used for Nadia's party from the Twinery (via GroopDealz) and I love it.  They don't skimp on amount and it's nice and thick.  Twine is awesome for gifts, baked goods, parties, and general crafting!

See these and many more fun items here.

I love this discount site.  And while the shipping can be slow, it's not quite as bad as Zulily and I love that shipping for one item isn't expensive.  What's your favorite discount site?

PS- waiting for the complete disc of photos from Nadia's party--as soon as I get it, I'll be sharing more details with you so stay tuned!

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