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Nadia's Circus Party: Step Right Up!

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Another installment of Nadia's circus party!  In this one I've detailed the games and activities at her party.  I hope to conclude the posts this week early next week and start sharing some other projects with you.  But for now, feast your eyes on the fun had at Nadia's party.  {Sources at end of post}

Step Right Up: games and prizes:

"Jungle Toss." Such a perfect game for a circus/carnival party!

 "Carnival Toss."  These looked pink in the stock photo so I was surprised that they were red...but they are still so cute and saved me from yet another party DIY!

I probably should have put the signs closer to the games but I was a little afraid of little fingers tearing them down.

Prizes & Bubbles.

It just looks. SO. fun.

Genevieve and Nadia.

At the end of the party I wondered if the kids had even enjoyed the little games (remember here where I mentioned my in-laws fun back yard?).  I was happy Jordan took a few photos showing the kids playing! Speaking of Jordan, her adorable angel is the one on the top left.

When I see little ones like Nadia's friend, Emily, I wonder why blue eyes are such a big deal.  I love her beautiful baby browns. So awesome of Jordan to captured these little ones checking out the prizes.

The birthday girl enjoying the games.

I'm not sure if she earned a prize ;)

Step Right Up: Face Painting.
My sweet mother-in-law offered to do something special for the party.  I thought about a bounce house but they stress me out.  I figured with a handful of "big kids" and mostly little ones, it would be chaos and more work for the parents to referee.  I then seriously searched for a real life carnival ride!  I am that crazy.  Turns out if you live in California it's not so hard to find but here in New Hampshire?  Forget it.  I ended up going with face painting/glitter tattoos.  I found Tracey through gigmaster.  She was great with the kids and did a great job.  She was also flexible with me regarding time.  If I was doing it all over again, I'd appoint a different point person for the "talent."  I felt bad for making her wait around for answers as I busily kept the party moving.  Just something to think about for you (and me) for the future!
 Some of the younger ones were a bit timid but they ended up getting their faces painted and Tracey did a great job with them!

 I love these photos of Grace admiring Tracey's handiwork and her adorable little sister, Avery watching.

 Genevieve and her cousin Luke.  So cute!

Megan's beauty: Grace.  Remember her?

Those of you who know me personally know how anxious Genevieve gets with anything new.  I was bummed she wouldn't get her face painted but when she saw her cousin, Gianna do it she caved.  Peer pressure sometimes pays off. 

Step Right Up:  Miscellaneous FUN:
 Not having bathing suits didn't stop these three from enjoying the pool.

Genevieve keeping herself busy.

 the Ayers duo playing with their prizes.

Baby Adalyn clowns around.

SOURCES (in order of appearance):
Carnival Toss game: Land of Nod
Jungle Toss game: Land of Nod.
Signs: I made them on  I purchased the digital scrapbook paper from here.
Red "prizes" and "bubble station" buckets: Dollar Tree.  (LOVE that store--especially for DIY and parties)!
Prizes: Dollar Tree, Building 19, Michael's, & Target.
Genevieve's and Nadia's outfits: see this post.
Face Painting: Tracey's Boutique.


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  1. I love everything. You really thought of every last detail. The kids activities are so much fun! I've been browsing for ideas for Bodhi's second birthday party (it's in April) and was thinking about getting that jungle toss game from Land of Nod. He LOVES animals so I'll probably do some kind of animal theme. I haven't figured it out yet. Was the game fun? High quality?

    1. Oh my- I can't wait to see what you do for his second birthday. My mom and I were eating banana pudding smoothies and I said "I think if I ever have a boy I'll do a yellow and blue curious george party and serve these." It took a nano-second for me to realize your party was floating around my subconscious. When my mom said how cute that would be, I told her about your blog! lol. Anyway, I loved the game!! The carnival toss game was cute but I doubt we'll use it again...the jungle toss game, though is SO cute, fun, and good quality that I'm sure we'll pull it out to play with it...and I think it'll make a nice addition to a toy room one day. The original price is a bit much but for the sale price I'd say go for it!!