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Nadia's Circus Party.

9:48 PM

I'll start by saying that Nadia's circus party was a success! It came together just as I had hoped (ok, well there were a few mishaps that I'm sure I won't be able to resist telling you eventually!) and was so fun!  It was also a ton of work...and there's still work that remains to be done, which is why I haven't posted anything just yet.  But I couldn't go another day without sharing just a tiny teaser of that awesome day!  

Photography by the awesome Jordan Smelser of "The Smelly Life."
Aren't I the biggest tease for not sharing more?!  I promise I will share a sneak peek and then many more posts (until you're thinking "enough already!") in the very near future!

For now, feast on these adorable, chubby, cake-y hands.  

Good Night!

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  1. Love this picture! She is the easiest baby to photograph!

    1. This may be my favorite picture. of all 500. ;)