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All Grown Up.

12:50 PM

I can't believe this sweet girl is almost 15 months.  It's just a tiny bit sad!  I can't believe she's all grown up.  Talking a TON. Walking.  Running. Growing teeth.  Copying me. Laughing. Cuddling. Even went poo on the potty a couple of times!  Where did my baby go?

I posted about these month by month photos here.  I'd seen it done and always wished I'd done it with Genevieve.  It's nice to be able to have a re-do in with baby #2!   

I created these collages in picmonkey.  I did a few different types/layouts...this is the close ups one.  I didn't go through 12 tiring and stressful photoshoots to share one tiny picture. uh uh.  

I love the full body shots that show just how much she grew over the course of a year...from barely filling a corner of the rocker to taking over the whole darn thing.  Another thing I love? That I can look at these and see her various phases.  Phase 1- colicky and not so smiley. Phase 2- getting happier! Phase 3- trying to sit up and getting personality. Phase 4- needed props and nearly fell of the chair.  Phase 5- big girl, happy, mobile, and such a ham.

And here area  few of my faves that didn't make the collage...but show her little personality:

leggy like mama.

that sweet neck. those tired eyes.

You wanna step to this?

this is how she sucks her thumb.


take that mama! (at this point, I ordered extra labels but of course didn't end up needing them. She decided to behave after month 8).

Ok, not the best shot but she was dancing as Genevieve and I sang happy birthday!  Too cute!

yep, we're walking.

I miss those gummy grins already.

How did you document the milestones?

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  1. I totally understand the missing the baby thing, but there is something so beautiful about knowing you survived the hard parts and look back only with fond memories. I love that I've already forgotten all of the really hard sleepless nights-the ones when I lacked grace and was filled with frustration. Know what I mean?

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Nadia was colic so I had many of those nights! But she is soooo happy now that I almost forget about all that!