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Thrift Store Finds & How my Brain Works.

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I meant to post this a week ago.  Key words: Meant To.  Here are just a few things I "found" at my last visit to a local thrift store.  Underneath each photo of the furniture finds I've written a  little blurb on my "vision," for the piece with a photo included--just one vision; there were many more floating around this head of mine.  This a scary peek into my psyche.  I can't help it. I see the potential in junk.  It's a blessing and a curse.  Oh and I'm sorry about the bad photos/lighting but let's face it--it's a thrift store, not a studio ;)

This little cute side table would be perfect in a kids room or a little corner of the home that needs sprucing up.  Need a little inspiration?  Check out this beautiful color and finish from Sweet Pickins Furniture.  


I love this school desk. Like SO much.  I am so grateful I have a small house.  Yes, you read that right.  If I had a bigger house all of this furniture would have been purchased.  Which is sort of crazy.  Why not do something like this with it?

Not in the mood to paint?  What about throwing a back to school party (or back to school themed birthday party) and use it as a centerpiece?  Nadia's birthday is in early September and I've contemplated a school theme for the future.  Pretty sure the desk just put me over the edge!


I love these spindle beds and they were marked down to $5!!!  Are you kidding?!   For lots of inspiration on spindle bed or Jenny Lind style beds and cribs, see this post.  

I'm not a fan of the paint job on this one but it has so. much. potential.  I'm imagining it in a deep gray like this beautiful crib below: (oh and please get rid of that little heart on top. please.)


Do you see what I see?  Potential!  The price range of the piece featured was $5 (the non painted beds) to $50 (the school desk). So inexpensive!

I also found a darling mirror for Genevieve's toddler room that I need to take a better picture of. I love it! 

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