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Genevieve's Painted Dresser {Sneak Peek}

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No clever title here folks.  It's all I can do to pause for a moment and give you the sneak peek I promised a few days ago!  And to be clear it's not that I think you're anxiously awaiting the details and so I'm teasing with a sneak's more like I still have one tiny task left to complete on the dresser and can't bring myself to post full pictures of it with a missing knob.  Yes, it's missing 1 knob.  Why didn't I replace it before painting you ask?  That's a great question. Why didn't I? Oh right- I'm super impatient.  AND I didn't realize until just before I started prepping that the knobs were sort of dovetailed in (probably not the right term) and not screwed in. I'd always planned to replace them with cuter knobs with more personality. But, I couldn't get the dang things off.  So I just went ahead.  And now that it's 99% complete, I'm kicking myself for not running to Lowe's and getting that knob...

But without further ado, here's the "sneak peek" or "I'm not quite finished yet but I want you to know I haven't been lying about this project that took forever peek"  Hmmm, that doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

I'm not sure if this is the "styling" I'll stick with but I threw it together real quick for a photo.  And let's face it--It's a 2 year old's room.  Styling only lasts a nano second anyway. On another note, I LOVE my her chevron wall.  Like LOVE in all caps.

This project gave me a bit of trouble...but it was well worth it.  I learn so much with each project.  And I love this little dresser--especially the key holes.  I looked for one with that little detail but never thought I'd find it at the right price. :)

I'm so excited that Genevieve's room is coming together.  So far, I've:
Found bedding. (More on that later).
Put together the shelves and toy box.
Found the perfect little side table (already painted! phew!).
Found an affordable rug.

Now I have to:
-Make a bed skirt.
-Buy or Make baskets for her bookshelf. I want these so badly but I don't want to drive an hour to ikea. Or give into the spending spree that would ensue. (OK, wait, I just saw that the price on these decreased from their usual 19.99 to 14.99!  I might just have to make that drive.  and maybe bring cash only).
-Create a gallery wall/collage.
-Hang the $5 thrifted mirror I snagged on this shopping trip.
-Find shelves. I'm thinking simple ikea lack shelves.

Dresser: Craigslist
Paint: Unfortunately this is a custom shade that can't be replicated.  It's the same paint I used for Nadia's nursery (which was tinted lighter than the paint chip) but tinted to the next shade on the color strip...but the can of paint was only half full so the guy basically guessed at the formula.  If you really want to know send me a note ( or a comment and I will find the paint strip of the color I was aiming for--that would be close, but not exact.
Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Elephant book end: HomeGoods
Jar of chalk: Favor container leftover from Nadia's party.
Unfinished wood tray: also leftover from Nadia's party--AC Moore
LullaBible: Love this book and the CD that comes with it.  It was a gift and I loved it so much I've purchased it for gifts twice--from here.
Jesus Storybook Bible: Maybe my favorite kid's book of all time.  So sweet and Genevieve LOVES it.  I bought it here.
Elephant: It was an impulse purchase on my last Target run. But Genevieve loves it and so do I! It's so soft and cuddly.  You can find it in the store or online here and it's on sale!

Ok my kids are literally hanging on each arm as I try to finish this post!  Gotta run!  

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