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Bright Hot. Cute Workout Looks.

1:19 PM

I'm not gonna lie; I'm pretty proud of this post over on Tall Snob today.  I know I sound like a stalker but it was totally inspired by her.  Check out the full post here.



Look 1: bright hot.

 Look # 2: pretty In pink.

Look #3: crazy cool.

To see the full post and for sources, visit Tall Snob.  Items featured come in both tall and regular sizes.   And bonus: They start at just $7!  Say what?!  

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  1. omg! I wish I looked that cool in active wear!

    1. 6 months later and I JUST respond! Your comment went to spam for some reason. Anyway, confession: Sometimes I can't read her posts. because she looks. too. dang. good. ha! Thanks for stopping by MaryBeth!