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Hobby Lobby Booty & Toddler Room Plans.

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I could have used the word loot, or spoils, or treasures, or finds...but booty is so much more fun to say isn't it?  Recently my mom gave me maybe the best gift I've gotten all year (wait a minute; it's only January--most definitely the best gift I've gotten all year).  A day to myself.  Thank you mama! I started it with a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Usually when I go, I have two children in tow and it's just not the same experience I had last week.  The one of wondering the aisles somewhat aimlessly.  Getting ideas for future projects.  Leisurely looking through the clearance aisle, completely lost in thought.  It was amazing.  You know what else is amazing? The things you take for granted before you have kids!  I never would have thought I'd appreciate a trip to store quite so much! Anyway, I was so excited about what I snagged and even more--the prices at which I snagged these items--that I wanted to share.

1. I recently re-covered my kitchen table chairs.  These chairs have been lying around for ages and somewhere in their journey from a second hand store, to my garage, to my house, back to the garage, and back to the house, I lost the cushion/padding for one chair.  Luckily this baby was 30% off.   Soon, they'll all be covered and I plan to share the final result with you.

2. Genevieve's toddler room needs drapes.  Her old drapes from her nursery aren't cutting it anymore.  I planned to make some since I can't find the color/style I'm looking for, but in the meantime I couldn't pass up this set.  I love the grommet style and these were 50% off!  I paid $14.99 for two panels!  At that price I can totally justify using these as a temporary solution until I find or make the ones floating around in my head. :)
3. I bought lots of felt.  I LOVE felt.  It's 4/$1 at Hobby Lobby.  It's cheaper than Michael's or AC Moore and I found that it's a little bigger and better quality.  Score.  I bought it for a project I'll be sharing with you soon--most likely Monday.
4. Another thing I'm in love with - pom pom trim.  I used it for the first time in Nadia's nursery.  My plan was to make Genevieve gray drapes (preferably with velour or heavily textured fabric) and add hot pink pom pom trim (some of my fabric choices are on the left). But these sunshine-y pom poms were 50% so I went for it.  I'm not sure if they'll be a bit too bright to add to the aqua (vs. gray) drapes so I'm not sure if I'll use them or save them...
5. This gray chevron was in the scraps bin.  It was 50% off so although I don't have a specific use for it, I bought it anyway. :) I'm guessing it will show up in Genevieve's toddler room--it does match her wall after all.
6. I love this little mirror! There was a similar pink one also but I was trying to keep this trip under $50 (I was sooo close!) so I left it there.  This one will look perfect in Genevieve's new room on a shelf like this.  And in case I've never shared the color scheme for her new room, this image is a perfect sneak peek of it: gray, pink, yellow, aqua, and little bits of green.  I know--that's a lot of color!  But it's coming together nicely.
7. Yarn for another project.  Right now it's low on the priority list so I'm not sure when/if I'll be sharing that one.
8. A yellow and natural chevron burlap-ish pillow cover for Genevieve's room.  I'm debating adding a felt elephant silhouette (her room has an elephant theme) or a G to it.  What do you think?

I also bought a wreath form and a huge ampersand.  You know, the & sign.  I'm thinking I will paint it and put it on our entryway table but I'm not sure.  That was a bit outside of the box for me but it was on clearance and I thought it might work.  People pull it off so well (I'm just not sure I'm one of those people ;)...take a look at an example here:

Can you believe she made that one?!  

So that's it...a fun little shopping trip and lots of great finds--all on sale or clearance, except for the yarn, tidbits regarding Genevieve's toddler room, and a & sign.  So, here's the deal.  I promise I'll post some pictures of my progress in Genevieve's room by the end of the month! I wanted desperately to finish it but I also feel like I've been talking about it for so long that I just need to share it already!

What fun shopping trips have you taken lately?  And make me feel better--what have you been working on forever?!

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