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Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

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I usually don't post photos of myself unless it's part of a family shoot...but I've mentioned how obsessed I am withNYC Pretty lately right?  I just discovered this blog and I can't even handle her beauty, amazing fashion, awesome photography, and short and sweet posts (anyone else's reading list too long to even dream of finishing?).  Well my mom and I did a snowy photoshoot the other day and I was trying my hardest to channel Christine. Let me pause here to say I'm not half the model she is, but I tried.  And my mom worked the camera for sure.  Here we go:

Looking at this photo almost makes me forget I don't like cold weather!

Clearly I like to laugh.  And I can't keep my eyes open when I do.

I am IN LOVE with this sweater.  I wear it like every other day.  Shh. Don't tell.

Being silly.

I have to say I'm proud of these pictures of my mom.  She makes it easy- she shines.  But I feel like I captured her joy, youthful spirit, and of course her beauty in these photos:

Sources: (unlike NYC Pretty, you won't find anything "designer" here.  Sorry to disappoint! ;)
Jeans: Express.
Sweater: Old Navy.
Brown Coat: Old Navy.
Red Coat: Laundry by Design (got it at Marshall's years ago).
Yellow Belt: Target.

Thanks for letting me post self indulgent photos. ;)  Now get out there and play in the snow!

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