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$6 Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial.

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It doesn't get much easier or cheaper than this wreath folks!  I'm attempting to make one craft per month/holiday, and this month I wanted to do another wreath (you can see my Christmas wreath here).  I scoured my DIY and Holidays Pinterest boards and came across this one and a few other Valentine themed wreaths.  When I priced them out though this one won hands down! Not to mention I just love felt lately and love the look of this charming wreath.
If you want to take this wreath on, here's what you'll need:

wreath form. I used straw because Hobby Lobby didn't have the size I was looking for in foam. Make sure to leave the plastic on it!
felt. I used 11 pieces (one of which was for a felt bow).
glue gun.
scallop template. I drew mine by hand.
straight pins if you want to make the no-sew-bow. huh.  Did I just make that up?

First, I drew my scallop template on cardstock.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  That said, I did draw two. :)  Mostly because I felt like the first one wasn't scallop-y enough.

 Then I traced the scallop onto 10 pieces of felt and cut them out.  Each piece of felt made 6 scallops and I used almost all of them (I think I had 2 or 3 left; and it just occurred to me that I should totally make them into hairbows.  Virtual pat on the back please?)

Next, I laid the felt out, in stacks, in the order in which I wanted to use it.

Then I wrapped and glued, making sure to space them out as far as I could (without letting the wreath form show). 
(Back view)

Lastly I added the felt bow. I tried ribbon but the ribbon I had on hand was too skinny and looked silly.  So I figured felt would be cute.  

To make the felt bow, I just cut the felt (across), almost halfway down.  I took that piece and cut a 1 inch strip of felt (down) off the side to use as the middle of the bow.  Then I took the bigger piece and used my scallop template on either end to make the edges scalloped.*  I did that, folded it accordion style, tied it with a piece of thread and then wrapped the strip of felt over the thread and pinned it in place. Sorry for the lack of photos here--I get antsy when I'm almost finished a project!

*Back story on the bow: Before I put it all together I did a quick mock up and placed it on the wreath to see how it looked.  I didn't like it.  The bow made it look sort of country. gross.  I asked my mama what she thought and she suggested cutting the edges of the felt into scallops. Perfect! I knew I'd saved the template for a reason.  Love it when things like that happen.  And yes, she is where I get my creativity.

Valentine's Day Wreath DIY
Here it is on my obnoxiously yellow door. 

Valentine's Day Wreath DIY
Oh and the little heart is from AC Moore.  
Here is a cost breakdown:
Wreath Form- $2.99. It was $4.99 but I used a 40% off coupon.  I got it on this shopping trip by the way.
Felt- 8 pieces from HL for $2, 2 pieces from AC Moore (HL didn't have light pink) for .58.  1 piece from Wal-Mart for .23. As a side note I found that the HL pieces were bigger than the AC Moore pieces.
Total: $5.80!  I can barely believe this gorgeous wreath only cost that much to make!

Thanks to A Bit of Sunshine for your tutorial!

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So do you have any Valentine's Day crafts planned?  Do Tell!

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  1. I love your obnoxious yellow door. I'm sure it's very cheery on those short grey winter days.

    1. ha, Thanks Brittaney! I do love it. But the real issue is, I want a brand new door. slowly convincing Joe that the ancient door that came with the house has to go. ;)

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial. I really like how this project turned out!

    1. Thanks Emily! Thanks for swinging by. I checked out your project as well--Love link parties!