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Unplugged + Vacations of Yesteryear.

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Genevieve and Joe at Myrtle Beach in 2010.
It is with great sadness that I leave my laptop in NH as I travel to Florida.  I'm only half kidding.  It's so hard for me to resist the lure of technology!  And quite honestly, I love blogging, writing for Tall Clothing Mall, and working on creative projects (of which I have a couple brewing) so that would be a fun part of vacation for me.

 all of the cousins.  none of them looking at the camera. Myrtle Beach 2010.
Me and Genevieve. Myrtle Beach 2010.

That said, it's too easy to get engrossed in technology, not be present in the moment (I mean can't I blog or facebook (yes that's a verb) at home?), and ignore the people around me.  Yes, I just admitted that.  Don't leave me out on a limb.... ;)  SO, I decided to leave "work," --the non paying and the paying variety-- at home.  

Being silly with my sis. Texas. March 2012.  
Joe and I hanging out on the Texas University Campus with my baby sis.   
Texas 2012. Bec trying to turn Genevieve into a lil hipster. 

And let's be honest, traveling with two toddlers doesn't leave room for much else now does it?! Not sure I could cram my computer in even if I'd intended too! Enjoy your week and I'll be sure to take lots of photos and share some upon my return.  Or 3 weeks later.  Man, the honesty is just flowing tonight.  This is why I shouldn't blog after 9:00 pm). More vacation pics:
Looking Crazy Playing on the hotel bed. Florida. 2012.
 Baby model.I didn't teach her this.  Florida 2012.
 At Joe's cousin's wedding with his other cousin and his wife.  Clearly we had a good time.  Florida. 2012.
 Some more Florida.  
One more Florida!
Texas trip:
 Back to Texas for the family to meet miss Nadia.  March 2012.
 March 2012 at Topsey Petting Zoo in Texas.
 Afros!  in Texas 2012.
This thing stuck its entire head in our car and ate out of Joe's lap.  It was the craziest thing EVER.  My niece said "This is so cool!" To which my other niece (4 years old) said "This is so nasty."  LOL.  

Oh and I feel obligated to say prior to kids we took more exciting vacations to places like NYC, the Caribbean  and Italy.  But going from DINKs to OITK (I might have made that one up...and it looks dangerously close to OINK) has precluded us from such vacations for the time being.  But I promise it's totally ok with me!  I'm so grateful we get to go anywhere at all.  Yet, I still felt the need to point it out. ;)  

Totally fun reminiscing!  Good night!

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