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Anti Aging Hair Tips from a Celebrity Stylist + My Most Embarrassing Problem

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I have a lot to share with you today!  I'm excited to share a fun interview with celebrity stylist, Jill Crosby and also slightly terrified to divulge my most embarrassing secret.  But Taste{Full} is nothing if not authentic so here goes.
Have you ever had that one thing about your body that is truly embarrassing? Maybe you have a nubbin like Chandler? Ha!  Ready for mine? I'm going bald. For awhile I ignored it convincing myself it would get better on its own. But it didn't. Did you know 1 in 3 women suffer from hair thinning?  It can start as early as in our 20s and peaks in our 40s.  Even if you don't suffer from hair thinning, keep reading to hear an industry professional’s thoughts on current trends and anti-aging our hair. 

Q&A with Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby 
(see her bio here but it includes names like Melissa McCarthy & Julie Bowen and publications like InStyle and GQ):

Tiffany: Hi Jill! Thanks for offering your expertise to my readers! We're often obsessed with anti-aging our skin but forget that our hair also ages. How can we avoid that?
JillTaking care not to over work hair is one of the best first steps in staving off aging. Just as we use specific ingredients on our skin, we look for those to be in our hair care products also. One of my favorite anti-aging treatments I use on my clients' hair is virgin Coconut oil.

Tiffany: I guess it’s time I get on board with the coconut craze--such a simple suggestion! What’s your favorite hair trend right now?  
Jill: One of my favorite current looks is a shoulder length, choppy shag with a bang. Work in some highlights and I am in love! To modify this look for thinning hair, make sure not to take away too much density with over layering.

Tiffany: I’m so tempted to run to my stylist right now for that cut! Speaking of modern styles, what suggestions do you have for a chic 5 minute ‘do?  Those exist right?! ;)
Jill: A quick chic do? Change the part from one side to the other, this can instantly change a look and add volume.

Tiffany: I did that about 6 months ago to get out of the 'mom bob' rut—It felt like an entirely fresh look. Next-- Do all celebrities use extensions?  Be honest! 
Jill: No, however extensions are one of my favorite styling tools and I do use them A LOT :)

Tiffany: Fun! For a woman who wants to color her hair, is there a low maintenance option? 
Jill: If you want to go low maintenance, begin to move your color as close to your natural color as possible, this way touch ups become fewer and further between.

Tiffany: Often hair care tips in magazines don’t work for my hair.  Does Women's ROGAINE® foam work on all textures?
Jill: Women's ROGAINE® foam works really well on all hair types. In a study we did, one of the most dramatic improvements I saw was on a woman of color. It was amazing!

Tiffany: My hair thinning started a couple of years ago. Is it ever too late to use women's ROGAINE® foam?
JillNo, it's never too late to start, however it's always good to start early and get a jump on the loss.

Tiffany: That’s awesome and gives me hope!  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

In Summary:
5 tips to anti-age your hair + 5 products to help you do it!
women's thinning hair remedies
1. Protect against thinning: Try Women's ROGAINE® foam! It is clinically proven to regrow hair in 81% of women with new hair growing in thicker.  Here's a coupon! And DON’T WAIT! Hereditary hair loss will continue to worsen if left untreated.
2. Camouflage pigment changes: There isn't a one size fits all approach. It might be a spot 
color for stray grays, blended coverage for a lot of gray but little time/budget, or solid coverage for someone who just wants the gray gone. 
easy beach waves + volume with my wave iron
3. Pump up the volume: Watch Jill’s video tutorial on how to get waves and volume here.  Also, I love this wave iron! It gives my hair a major volume boost & I get compliments whenever I use it. 
4. Embrace Age Defying Styles (Get out of your style rut): If you’ve had the exact same cut for 10 years, it’s probably time for a change. Why not take Jill’s advice and simply change your part?

5. Moisture for dry tresses: Try coconut oil like Jill mentioned, products formulated for dry hair, or natural remedies like eating green leafy vegetables. Spinach is full of amazing nutrients. It has tons of vitamin A, plus iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C, which work together to keep your hair moisturized.

If you are experiencing hair loss I'd encourage you to visit this site to learn more about the product and receive a coupon to try it for yourself.
Women’s ROGAINE® Foam product was provided by the brand. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Awesome! Didn't know they had that for women. Nice Q&A!

    1. Thanks for your comment! The Q&A was fun--I could've gone on and on...

  2. Didn't know they had rogaine for women

  3. I love this article! great Job Tiffany.

  4. Well this makes me want to try Rogain Mousse in my super fine hair! It looks light and fluffy, so it wouldn't make my hair feel heavy and, well just dirty. Thanks for the inspiration Tif!!

  5. Glad there's a solution out there for women!

  6. Oh wow I had no idea women go through this!