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How to Find Art You Like + Inexpensive, Modern Art for the Living Room

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inexpensive modern art from fornstudio
I lamented here about the blank walls in the living room. Finding Art is overwhelming; inexpensive art is even more of an enigma. Luckily there's a variety of affordable art out there and I finally found some I liked! Keep reading for tips to find modern, inexpensive art that fits your aesthetic (even if this isn't it!), and to see other options I considered.
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inexpensive modern art from fforn studio

5 Tips to Find Art you Like (Whatever your Budget)!

1. It's totally overwhelming to search the internet for that one perfect piece. So don't! Find a general look that speaks to you. And go from there. As you shop, you'll start to narrow it down. 

2. Follow the rabbit hole. Click on all the hashtags on Instagram, the "see more like this" on Pinterest, the "You might like" on retailer's sites. 

3. At this point, you might have fallen in love with a variety of pieces but have found that A) they're not for sale or B) they are $768 + tax and shipping. If budget is an issue, don't panic! The process has still yielded a result- you've refined your taste! Now, you can find similar looks for less.

3b. If your budget is tight, sites like Etsy, Society 6, Juniper Print Shop and Minted are your best friends. Now that you have an idea of what you like, you can search specific terms that describe them to find a similar piece on a budget.

4. Sometimes your budget isn't an issue, but availability is. If you find a piece you love that doesn't appear to be available, follow the artist on social sites. He/she may host shows or "art drops" on certain days/times. 

5. Lastly (preaching to myself here), stop caring what other people think. Art is subjective. As such, we can literally be the only one who loves a piece. Is less than $10 too little? Is it sophisticated enough? Are printables on Etsy even art? But really, who cares?! The point is, I am drawn to it- maybe just for today or this season or my living room right now. And that's ok!
Inexpensive Modern Art

Inexpensive Modern Abstract Art from Etsy

Inexpensive, Modern Art

My Pinterest board has a variety of art I like. Check it out here. And here is some inexpensive printable art I found on Etsy (maybe I'll come back to share picks from other sites?).

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