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The Best All Weather Outdoor Sofas on a Budget

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modern aluminum sectional for a great price

You guys. I can't even admit to you how many hours I've spent looking for a stylish outdoor sofa that will withstand the elements here in the south. I'm talking full sun for days, 100-degree temps, and plenty of rain to boot. While I LOVE the look of wood outdoor furniture, it's just not practical here. I was ready to pull the trigger on this sofa when I shared it on Instastories and the feedback was unanimous- only buy wood patio furniture if you're okay replacing it in a year or two. Spoiler alert. I'm not. So that began the search for steel, aluminum, faux wood (usually aluminum painted to look like wood), or an all-weather wicker stylish outdoor patio on a budget. I've spent way too much time searching for the best all weather outdoor sofas on a budget to just file it away. Sharing makes it a bit more worth it! So here are my picks for modern, stylish, and affordable outdoor sofas that can withstand long, hot summers!

all weather patio furniture on a budget
1  |  2*  |  3* |  4  |  5  |  6*  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

* comes in a smaller size (and smaller price!)

Practicality requirements: I looked for good reviews, washable covers, and all-weather materials. The only wood I included was teak since it's supposed to be the best wood for the outdoors- even teak has mixed reviews, though the one pictured has great reviews (I loved this one too!). There were other options I came across that had too many negative reviews or had white cushions that couldn't be removed (this one and this one for instance) so I didn't include those- but will link them below.
stylish modern outdoor sofa on a budget
Style requirements: I looked for a modern (transitional?) but included other styles like traditional options - 5 and 9. 8 leans industrial and would I even be a blogger if I didn't include a farmhouse option (11)? One of my favorites is that mid-century modern number 2 (Joe isn't a fan) and I wish the beautiful boho number 4 came in a bigger size.

patio furniture on a budget
Price requirements: While I think these are all affordable patio sofas for what you get, "affordable" is relative. I started with a $700 limit, knowing I'd add 2 side chairs- but when we realized wood wasn't an option, we upped that number. 1 and 7 would have definitely been a splurge but I reasoned that since they are larger, I would only need one side chair (or none).

the best all weather outdoor sofas on a budget
Decisions, decisions. After alllll that searching we will probably go with the target one (3). Of course. While my budget is a little higher for this project, the combo of size, price, good reviews, and the fact that both Joe and I like it, makes it a top choice. I was leaning toward 6--it comes with an extra set of cushion covers which is a nice bonus. But then my friend talked me out of it. Who knows? It still might be an option. I haven't pulled the trigger yet! If I was making the decision alone, I'd probably go with 2. But it turns out being married means compromise. Who knew?

I also considered just buying a really inexpensive set like this one and replacing it after 2 seasons. I may end up replacing whatever I buy- reviews usually aren't shared a year later. And if so, that's another pro for going the less expensive route.

Which is your favorite?!

You can shop them all (and a few others) below. Affiliate links are included. I only share things I love and/or obsessed over for hours upon hours. ;)

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