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How to Hide Your TV Cords in the Wall- ORC Week 5

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3 weeks left for the One Room Challenge™. I'm not panicking, you're panicking. ;) My plan was to share a tutorial of our DIY shelves this week but let's be honest- we are not experts and it was Joe's first build! I think we'll share some things we learned eventually but for now, I'm sharing the post I've been teasing for a while- how to hide your TV cords because there's nothing like the clean look of a TV with nothing dangling from it. You can get the same vibe as having a Samsung Frame TV if you ditch the cords and add some art to your smart TV- for like way less cash. If you are staring at unsightly cords dangling from your TV, don't wait 6 years like we did. And you don't have to hire it out and pay a few hundred dollars to remedy it! Keep reading to see how we hid our TV cords- it took Joe all of an hour and about $50!


Wall Mount for TV

This In-Wall Cable Cord kit




First, determine where you want the cords to come out. 

A note about this decision: Sometimes we make decisions based solely on what looks best. Other times, we only think about how things will function. But I've been trying to take my time to find the best of both worlds- to think about aesthetics while visually imagining how we'll use the space. In this case, I thought about the kids reaching into the cabinet to play their games or put a DVD in. I thought about storage baskets we'll use in the cabinets. Take your time here- in our living room, I barely thought about it. As a result, we have an awkward place where all the cords come out that forces me to have a plant or basket there to hide it. Its' bugged me for years so trust me- it's worth really thinking it through!

Once you've determined the location- both behind the TV and where the cords will come out, drill a hole in both places with the hole attachment that comes with the kit.

Next use the snake (you'll need to assemble it first) to run wires from the top to the bottom.

Put both attachments/covers on (the top and the bottom).

That's it! How clean and neat does this look?! Ok, guys, I'm bustin my butt to wrap this thing up so I'm gonna go (haha) but let's check on that to-do list first:

Task List:

Install Vertical Paneling

Hide all the Cords!

Build a Built-in Entertainment System

    - build and hang IKEA boxes

    - build DIY shelves

    - make a countertop

    -add trim to media shelves

    -install semi-handmade doors and toe-kick

    -Fill gaps and add baseboards back 

    -Fill gaps in DIY shelves, caulk, etc - working on this and it's KILLING me. Check out the "media shelves" highlight for some BTS!

Paint the Built-In/cabinetry

Paint the Room 

DIY game/side table - This will be next week's post! Stay tuned!

Choose Art - I shared a sneak peek on Instagram but I just adore this!

Choose Accessories (hardwarepillows, drapes...)

Style and Shoot!

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